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A creative blog by Philip Horvath on The Whole 9

Philip serves as a catalyst working with individuals and organizations on turning change into transformation, and ultimately creating meaningful experiences and relationships. He combines his years of experience architecting and running projects for Fortune 500 companies with over twenty years of studies in yoga, alchemy, various esoteric systems and transformational psychology.

Monthly Archives: May 2011

To thy Self be true…

In a comment on a recent post about the challenge of letting people know who you are without resolving to platitudes and job titles, the recent drive toward turning your Self into a brand was pointed out as a dangerous reduction of our selves: “Reducing the complex, often contradictory and typically diverse nature of ‘who we are’ to a logo, a tag line, a sound bite or a twitter message is virtually impossible.” [thank you dangerousideas!]
Fine point. No brand could ever capture your Self, only a persona, a limited aspect of your Self. For it to be representative of your Self, that persona has to be infused with your essence, your values, but it is important to remember that it is not your Self.

Rapture is coming…

Tomorrow is a special day. Across the world (and especially in the US), some people are expecting the apocalypse to begin. Rapture is coming! Hold on to your pale horses!

… and who are you?

It is always funny to me to watch people in social gatherings. We all like to meet each other and get to meet interesting people, but we never know who will indeed be interesting to us. In part, this is due to social convention and rituals that have been established. Most of the time, we introduce each other by name, and typically, the next question is “and what do you do?”

The Metaphorical Mind

“Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up.” – Pablo Picasso
One of my favorite art stories as a child came from a documentary about Picasso. It was showing his progression in understanding and communicating his reality. The documentary started with a water color he had made of [...]