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A creative blog by Philip Horvath on The Whole 9

Philip serves as a catalyst working with individuals and organizations on turning change into transformation, and ultimately creating meaningful experiences and relationships. He combines his years of experience architecting and running projects for Fortune 500 companies with over twenty years of studies in yoga, alchemy, various esoteric systems and transformational psychology.

Rapture is coming…

Rapture is coming

Tomorrow is a special day. Across the world (and especially in the US), some people are expecting the apocalypse to begin. Rapture is coming! Hold on to your pale horses!

While 2012 seems to have a variety of traditions behind it, this rapture is especially for the fundamental Christians (sorry all you other Christians, there are only so many spots in heaven). Apparently, there is an expectation that Jesus will come and lift them up to heaven, while the rest of the world will continue its decay with the ones Left Behind (there is even a computer game and movie series with that title) killing each other until the world is finally destroyed by fire in early October this year (too bad it’s before my birthday, so I guess I will have to have a pre-party).

Now, I personally think the teachings of Jesus are wonderful and one of my all-time favorite books is “De Imitatione Christi” by Thomas à Kempis, which entices you to live like Christ instead of committing idolatry by praying to a statue (and one of a man killed brutally at that). Also loved going through “A Course in Miracles” – unfortunately neither of them qualify me for the rapture…

In general, there appears to be a big difference between the teachings of several wise masters this world has seen over time, and the doctrines of the organizations that claim to represent them. Christianity is definitely not alone in that (if you actually spend some time with Islam, e.g. you will see it’s a pretty peaceful and loving religion as well – contrary to the Jihad terrorist image the fundamentalists in both the East and West are trying to create). What is particularly funny to me is that especially the ones considering themselves fundamentalists, are often the furthest away from the original teachings of their idols.


Especially when people are afraid, they like to hold on to something. When the boat is rocking, you reach for the railing and hold on with your dear life… Our world is confusing and overwhelming. The speed at which technology, systems, trade, culture and humanity are developing is dazzling. It is not surprising that people are freaked out. I find myself freaked out often enough.

Fear loves company. When in fear mode, we are not rational, we want to cower together with others, feel like we are not alone, feel like we belong – and most of all belong to the “right” crowd. We want to be with those who have the “Truth” about what is going on. We want to feel that there is something we can know for sure.

We don’t know

But, ultimately, we don’t know. Nobody does. We can’t know for certain. There are future trend projections collected by a variety of organizations every year. There are futurists looking into statistical analysis for probabilities of a variety of events. At the same time, hardly anybody foresaw Facebook, Twitter, mobile technologies and some of the other game changers that suddenly appeared. There were trends, sure, Moore’s Law, sure, but ultimately? We didn’t know. Our leaders don’t know. We can gather probabilities, but the “Truth” is elusive as ever.

What we do know

What we do know is that we are currently running an operating system that is not sustainable. Linear production processes raping nature and mankind’s future, short-term profit thinking, blatant egotism encouraged through commercials, reliance on limited resources, inherently scarce systems – all are bound to go away. Somehow.

What we do know also, is that there must be better ways. We know we have one planet, we know we have one humanity, now the puzzle is to figure out how to create the maximum amount of joy, freedom and individuality for each human (and ultimately sentient being), while creating systems that allow us to share this across all of humanity, all over the globe, and ensure that we will persist as a species, constantly developing further toward our values.

“One can not change an existing system; one must create a new system that makes the old system obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

The future we envision… is the future we create…

Whatever you wish to build or create, the very first step is to imagine it. If you want to build a table, you have to see it in your mind’s eye long before it ever exists. You have to imagine whether it will be round, square, how many legs it will have, what material it will be made of etc. far ahead of going to get the supplies and begin assembly.

Since the 1950s even Science Fiction has taken a turn. In the past, the future was brighter. Back then, we imagined a new better future, with “magical” technology, intelligent homes and cars, space travel…. and jetpacks! Shortly after, technology became too complex for most people to understand. Consequently, even Sci-Fi began to vilify technology. Robots gone awry, Terminator, the Borg, the Matrix, and most recently the Singularity all show us at odds with the technology we originally created. And in most cases, it was the humans who started the war…

What do you imagine?

15 global challenges

One of the 15 global challenges the UN identified in their Millennium futurist analysis (next to the obvious like fossil fuel, water supply, organized crime or the role of women) and probably the one challenge that struck me most was: lack of long-term perspectives.

We lack positive future visions. For the world, and for ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine, punctuated only by occasional shifts or revelations. Thus it is even more important to take time out occasionally, find yourself in the now, look around and realize where the world has come to, only to step out of what is, and imagine what could be…

Imagine living in a world where these 15 challenges do not exist. Image who you could be, what your world would look like, how you encounter others in that world… And when I say world, I mean the whole wide world with everyone else in it.

Yes You Can

You can imagine the world into existence. Not in the cheesy “The Secret” kind of way, but by allowing yourself to dream, by choosing to make these dreams a reality, and by showing up for them every day. You are a citizen of the 21st century with more information and power in your pocket than most statesmen had throughout the centuries in their entirety.

So, if you want to accept Lord Jesus as your savior, you have a few hours before rapture hits the fan. Good luck. And if things indeed turn out that way, please put a good word in for me.

Otherwise, let’s imagine a better way of transitioning to a kingdom of heaven on earth…

  1. Hell Yeah! Let’s do it together. Here’s to a world where we all work together…and thank you Philip for writing such a thoughtful, insightful, and humorous blog about it!

  2. Philip beautifully put.

  3. Wow…yes…I echo ckay and Lisa :) And now I continue down my road of imagining…

  4. Latest news about the rapture:-)
    Outbreaks of Iceland’s most active volcano
    Expert: Can be serious or worse as Eyjafjallajökull 2010
    Iceland’s most active volcano Grimsvotn has been an outbreak.

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. Curious about the volcano… It does seem like most systems we are part of today (ecological, economical, social, political, etc.) are about to fail. Many have been built on unsustainable premises (e.g. the money market and the gigantic derivatives hole that will never be filled).
    While I took a humorous stance in the blog above, I do think we will be facing serious global crisis in the coming years. That said, I think it is even more crucial to imagine better systems soon…

  6. As the day is progressing rather there haven’t been any reports about physical Ascension…. here an article on how doomsday cults deal:

  7. We have been heading for a huge global headache since the 1950’s when industry sold it’s soul to the almighty dollar and forgot about humanity and quality of life. I sense in the next 40 years we will have either figured out how to fix it or we’ll be so miserable we will have to fix it. Of course those who are in the money or know Sir Richard Branson can fly off this rock in his wicked awesome space ship.


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