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A creative blog by Philip Horvath on The Whole 9

Philip serves as a catalyst working with individuals and organizations on turning change into transformation, and ultimately creating meaningful experiences and relationships. He combines his years of experience architecting and running projects for Fortune 500 companies with over twenty years of studies in yoga, alchemy, various esoteric systems and transformational psychology.

Monthly Archives: July 2011

Worry be gone – Do what you never thought possible

We are taught to worry. As children, we are rarely encouraged by our parents to go party hard, have all the fun we can have, be reckless, be wild, dare, dream up something huge and do it, come up with something even crazier and totally impossible – and do it anyway.

What makes a meaningful life?

Most of the time, we do things habitually: We get up, brush our teeth, put on clothes, commute to work, do what we know how to do all day, get ourselves some entertainment, undress, go to bed, sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

Finding “Nemo”

Contrary to the ideas this title might conjure up, this entry is not about fishies. It is about our projections on “Other” and our yearning for connectedness. Once you realize “I” and “Other”, and you begin to take ownership of your distinctions, one of the most important dynamics to become aware of is our tendency [...]