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Snow Day

Snow Day

As I sit in my home in Los Angeles, all the doors and windows open letting in a gentle breeze and the scent of flowers I planted only yesterday, the news is showing Chicago and the rest of the Midwest under snow. And I’m an ass on the Facebook, posting pictures of walks along the beach and hike into nearby canyons.

The truth is that I miss the seasons and, especially, snow days. Huddled inside with a good book and a fireplace, the snow filling every window – these are good memories of that small amount of time before cell phones and computers. I always had the kitchen stocked with goodies (because you know I always feed a cold AND a flu), candles lit around the house, and was cozy despite the wind howling at the widows. Of course when I got to Chicago it was all about braving the elements to get to the best friend’s place so we could be snowed in together.

I do, however, remember the other side of it. I remember the snow days of my childhood in Kansas. There was the fireplace and the snow, but there was also the chore of it all. Good times hauling wood in from the pasture, breaking the ice in the trough so the horses could drink, and going around to rental properties to make sure their pipes hadn’t frozen. There was the pharmacy and getting medications to the people that had run out or needed something for any little ailment and Dad always tried to make sure the restaurant was open and running for the truckers and farmers needing coffee and breakfast.

As I sit in my home in Los Angeles, all the doors and windows open, I think that snow days are best when you travel to them. I’ll remain here in my little community (which, interestingly, has the same population as my hometown) in my big city , where everything seems so like a resort. I’ll read a little, write a little, wander off to lunch. If I need snow I’ll drive the hour and a half to a mountain. Chances are, however, that I’ll go the short distance to the ocean instead. Perhaps I’ll go skiing in a couple of weeks.

Be safe everyone. Stay indoors where it’s warm. I’m going to a hike.

  1. Lovely. I just got around to catching up on the blogs.
    I too come from a 4 season climate. I miss the quiet of the snow in the early morning hours. The glistening in the moonlight quiet walks. I, however, love it here in So. Cal. I no longer can shovel 5 feet of snow without consequences to my body. I visit the snow and enjoy our repose then back to basking in this golden state I’ve come to call home.

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