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Art and After

After visiting several of the big art shows in NYC last week, my eyes were spinning for 3 days. Some inspiring, a lot of WTF, and seeing many old and new friends from the art and photography world. Most of all I was left thinking, where is the art world headed? Hundreds and hundreds of galleries exhibiting work in at least a dozen venues, and not a ton of red dots. I’m always left wondering where the galleries are headed and how they survive.

What better way to be brought back to my own reality than by capturing a pregnancy for posterity. No two pregnancies are the same (just ask my client who’s come during all three of hers), and the comfort of a woman in her curves is never as evident as when she’s got the gift of life inside her.

The seventh month is the prime time for maternity shoots, pre-face change due to water retention, and almost at the point of maximum belly expansion to make the curves really stand out of my “girl’s best friend” shadows which I use to hide the trouble spots . I’ve had the opportunity to shoot women the week before they gave birth (they didn’t plan ahead though couldn’t pass up capturing the baby inside), and though the face may have changed, the beauty did not fail to shine. It’s really never too late in a pregnancy to focus on those curves.

This week’s client was a knockout. Her husband commented on her sex appeal during the shoot, putting her even more at ease. She loved the pics and has scheduled a follow up post-pregnancy shoot, with baby in hand to add to what’s going to be a great art installation in the new nursery. I can’t wait to share something from round two, and here’s a taste of round one.

Maybe it’s time for to add a new “before and after” twist to the menu.

YourNudePhoto – maternity nude portait

YourNudePhoto – maternity nude portait

  1. These are beautiful Brian…and as I can attest, having your photo shot is an amazing way to document the experience. I only wish that it had been you around to do the shooting! Much love…

  2. Gorgeous piece Brian! The ‘S’ curve in your subject is stunning…and your eye captures it with all the grace mother nature has in mind.

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