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A creative blog by Brian Leighton on The Whole 9

Woulda Shoulda Coulda

Seize the day and you’ll never say “I should have…”

As someone who’s always looked to experience, eat, see, visit, and explore something new, I have very few regrets. My toiletry kit is always ready to be thrown into a bag, my passport is up to date, and most of all, my mind is open.

Being a nude portrait photographer, I often hear from people, “I wish I had had the courage to have one done.” I’ve posed nude (many times) for different photographers to stay fresh on what it feels like for my clients when they bare all for me for the first time. It’s also provided insight into how others go about doing what I do (a voyeur through and through), and it’s never been about having the courage to do it. I’ve always been driven by leaping and experiencing something unexpected, new, and different.

Opportunities grow from so many different places and you never know what tomorrow brings. I’ve always fancied myself a gardener planting seeds; the more you plant, the better chances you have of growing a great crop to harvest. I’ve also answered random ads to get involved creatively in new directions (Lisa and The Whole 9 to name one, and look where it’s gotten me) and I’ve never been afraid to chat up a stranger not knowing where the conversation may take me (I’ve sold art and gotten press, not to mention many many invitations).

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to explore, take on new challenges, or try new things. You’re world and mind will grow exponentially.

Here are a few others who took the leap and have no regrets.

© Brian Leighton

© Brian Leighton

© Brian Leighton

  1. Here’s to seizing the day, my friend! You do it beautifully and with such grace and it manifests itself in these photos.

  2. Totally inspiring.

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