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A creative blog by Anthony Godoy on The Whole 9

Anthony Godoy is the creative director at Dead Serious MM, a Seattle boutique branding agency. He’s also a photographer and life-long writer whose work has appeared on The Whole 9 for a few years. Though his days are being infringed upon more and more by business development and management responsibilities (running a company and all), he still finds time to hit the design world hands on. He is also a skier, lover of music and gets around pretty fast in the social media circles. Follow him on Twitter, @deadseriousmm, and on Facebook at Dead Serious MM.

Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Color Of . . .

Soma FM asked their Facebook fans to help them name 6 more servers. The theme of their already 31 servers? Colors. People started throwing color names out there and a brief scan of comments ran the usual course. Copper. Crimson. Mustard. Ivory.
What first popped in to my head was “blood.” Maybe it was because of [...]

My Favorite Client

A phone text exchange. April 15, 2012.
Me: “Hey, why you never design a Jacuzzi or small pool in a house?”
Quinn: “As far as water features . . . “The Bane of A. Godoy’s” sequel, named “Anthony’s Artery,” in honor of your love of meats and cheeses, has a bidet.”
Quinn is my favorite client. His team [...]