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A creative blog by Anthony Godoy on The Whole 9

Anthony Godoy is the creative director at Dead Serious MM, a Seattle boutique branding agency. He’s also a photographer and life-long writer whose work has appeared on The Whole 9 for a few years. Though his days are being infringed upon more and more by business development and management responsibilities (running a company and all), he still finds time to hit the design world hands on. He is also a skier, lover of music and gets around pretty fast in the social media circles. Follow him on Twitter, @deadseriousmm, and on Facebook at Dead Serious MM.

The Color Of . . .

Soma FM asked their Facebook fans to help them name 6 more servers. The theme of their already 31 servers? Colors. People started throwing color names out there and a brief scan of comments ran the usual course. Copper. Crimson. Mustard. Ivory.

What first popped in to my head was “blood.” Maybe it was because of the mood I was in – driving my car fresh from the mechanic, which was partially fixed, fully violated and smelling of some serious solvents. Then “Ink.” I wrote both of them down in the comment window.

“Taxi.” That’s yellow. I looked at “Ink” again and assumed people would understand I meant “black” ink. Black ink spilled all over something important, like a white shirt just before a meeting, or a peace accord between two warring countries just before it was meant to be signed. Again, my frame of mind.

“Sky.” There’s something to lift spirits. In Seattle. So, yeah, grey. Then “leaf” in honor of the tree I could see through my still broken sunroof. Then “lie.” Of course I meant white. The smell inside my car was so strong it reminded me of the time I had to iron hundreds of fresh new one-dollar bills, and how it stunk. “Money,” I wrote, and added (US) to make sure I’m clear about the greedy green we all know, and not that funny French stuff.

I saw a women recently with a hickie that ran from the base of her neck to her shoulder. It was a pretty purple-brown-rust color that it’s creator had to have been extremely proud of. So I wrote, “bruise.”

“Nut” because I was hungry and thinking of food and that’s what came to mind. Then “iron,” in honor of the color of something blunt and absolute. “Gun,” which shouldn’t be read into too far. I was more curious as to how many people would think “blue,” and how many would think, “I don’t get it.”

“And finally,” I wrote, “jaundice.” The Soma folks had said they wanted short words, but I saw someone else had gone off reservation with “murasaki,” another with “R:102 G:000 B:151,” which I thought was very creative (and which translates exactly into “I love you. You love me”), and still another with “champagne.” I was in good company.

Colors aren’t colors, their moods. Dead’s art director (the newly acquired Stacy Hsu – genius) was working on some designs today and I was out of touch with the colors because I was out of mood. I knew enough not to comment on her choices being temporarily unqualified to do so. So I went about counting beans and pacing the office in today’s unsettled way.

Funny how I saw Soma’s post about colors.

So here’s what I want you to do, my trusting readers: come up with 6 words that evoke colors to fit your mood. Make the words as short as you can, all but the last, of course.

  1. UGLY: the Misanthropic Palette-

    It all started here: My house needs repainting. The interior that is which hasn’t been redone since the original color scheme over a decade ago. I’m seeing all the scuffs, smudges and stains that time brings (and not just to walls and ceilings I might add). What colors shall I use? “Eau du Nile”, “Desert Sage”, “Gossamer Cloud”… the typical descriptive names in a Dunn Edwards chip set? It got me thinking. Painting’s such a pain, you have to move and cover all your furniture, breath toxic fumes; I really don’t want to have to do it again, not anytime soon, maybe not ever. This time I need to pick colors that won’t show the dirt and grime, that will mask the inevitable decay and deterioration.
    Thus, instead of all the pretty, precious, innocent and easily corrupted colors one finds at paint stores across the country, I propose the following palette:
    -Stained Sheets
    -Dog’s Dinner
    -Yellow Snow
    -Burnt Toast
    -Pond Scum
    -Canned Beets
    -Black Plague
    -Greasy Spoon
    -Rotten Eggs
    -Flat Tire
    -Scarlet Letter
    -Global Warming
    -Crushed Dreams
    -Bargain Basement
    -Tarnished Reputation
    -Lethal Injection
    -Bug Light
    -Sour Grapes
    -Moral Collapse
    -Road Rage
    -Cigarette Burn
    -Spilt Milk
    -Dirty Money
    -White Lie
    -Grassy Knoll
    -Acid Rain
    -Blurred Vision
    -Bad Decision
    -Moving Violation
    -Deadly Radiation
    -Heimlich Maneuver
    -Empty The Hoover
    -Flimsy Excuse
    -Brown Recluse
    -What’s The Use
    -Silly Goose
    -Down The Tubes
    -Hairy Pubes
    -Prissy Pink
    -Rinky Dink
    -Have A Drink
    -Whatta Stink

  2. I’m totally ringing with “Empty The Hoover.” HA! I learned an Australian phrase recently – “Spit The Dummy,” which translates to a baby losing its pacifier and throwing a fit. Here’s a new call . . . what does “Empty The Hoover” mean to you? I’ll start . . . It means to barf. Your turn.

  3. Fatigue…is that 6 yet?

  4. “Empty The Hoover”- dump the dust, unload in the road, spill the beans, belch up nicotine…

    Some more ‘colors’?

    Hairball… Folderol,… Shopping Mall,… Broken Doll…
    Feelin Blue… F-You… Giggidy-Goo… Your Doggy-Doo…
    Asspirations… Deadly Temptations… Rogue Nations… Bitter Relations…
    Nasty Bite… Uptight… Wrong Is Right… Restless Night…
    Fast Food… Ugly Mood… Loud & Lewd.. Simply Rude…
    Motel 6… Slick Tricks…
    Mediochre… Smiling Joker…
    Ink Stain… Down the Drain…
    Down & Dirty… Little Squirty…
    Junk Pile… Something Vile… Muddy Nile… Steaming Pile…
    Wet Spot… Dirt Lot… Gone to Pot… Not So Hot…
    Industrial Smog… Fetid Bog… Sick as a Dog… Hijacked Blog!

    Sweet Lisa, “Six, yet”… what be dat?

  5. Anthony- “Spit the Dummy”, that’s great, I’ll remember that one. Gotta love those Aussies, almost as cool and crapulous as London Cockneys! A couple my Australian friend told me: “Fair suck of the sav!” (“that’s incredible!”), “Point percy at the porcelain” (take a piss, men), “like a dog with false teeth” (something you don’t see every day)…

  6. Okay, so I’m form Seattle too. For many years I have had many a discussion with my fellow artist and designer friends about “the Northwest palette”. Here is my, not very reverent, version of the “Northwest Palette”.
    (not in any particular order. Some rhyme, some don’t)
    Troll’s Breath.Micro Brew.Earth Shoe.
    Hydro Haze.Rooster Tail.Ferry Fog. Kyak Bog
    Sandal Socks. Ballard Locks. Gasworks Goo. Petting Zoo
    Parade Dragon. Lion Dance . . .
    (Black) Rain Coat . Rainy Day Sunglasses
    Floating Bridge. Dirty Fridge.
    Smoked Salmon. Swedish Bakery . Spilled Coffee
    Fremont Frappe’ . Masacre in May (after tomorrow, that may be true!)
    and last but not Least: “Aurora Ave.” which is all the leftover paint poured into one bucket!


  7. Judith! Awesome. ONly a Seattlelite (did I spell that correctly?) would appreciate that. And I do!

  8. Go Judith! I’m not from Seattle, although I’ve been there and spent some time on Bainbridge Island with friends who live there, so I understand some of your references and can imagine many of the others.
    But really, you must post a photo or 2 of “Aurora Avenue” (and “Fremont Frappe”, if that’s not just a euphemism).

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