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A creative blog by Anthony Godoy on The Whole 9

Anthony Godoy is the creative director at Dead Serious MM, a Seattle boutique branding agency. He’s also a photographer and life-long writer whose work has appeared on The Whole 9 for a few years. Though his days are being infringed upon more and more by business development and management responsibilities (running a company and all), he still finds time to hit the design world hands on. He is also a skier, lover of music and gets around pretty fast in the social media circles. Follow him on Twitter, @deadseriousmm, and on Facebook at Dead Serious MM.

Stumbling Across Music

How I ended up with the 8-Tracks to both the Star Wars and Rocky soundtracks, Cat Stevens’ Tea For The Tillerman, and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon I don’t remember. I was 7. But that’s what I listened to, repeatedly, as 8-Tracks never end. That music to me is eternal.

I do remember in 7th grade a kid named Randy introducing me to AC/DC and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I don’t remember who started my Scorpions or Whodini phases. Kamya introduced me to YAZ, and Chris to Joe Jackson. Skipping ahead it was a bunch of Brits in Thailand introducing me to Ben Harper, and a guy named Shawn here in Seattle to The Long Winters.

My uptake to music was long and winding, and dependent on people to introduce me to sounds I’d be integrating into my life. Sure I’ve always listened to the radio, but what are you hearing besides a handful of songs repeated over and over. (I noticed during my last trip to LA that Angelino’s get a much wider range of music from LA radio stations than we Puddles do from Seattle stations. I think each Seattle station is issued only 5 songs to rotate through at any given time.)

Even then I considered myself to know a thing or two about music, until now.

Manchester Orchestra. By chance I was leafing through Spotify on my birthday in April when I came across a song called April Fool. I clicked on it and was stunned. It was awesome. I clicked on more Manchester songs and felt I’d just found the God Particle. I started spreading the word and to this day nobody I know’s heard of them. But I dug a bit and saw they’ve been around since 2004, and released their first CD in 2007.

Where the hell was I?

Elbow. Again, I’m digging around Spotify and bang, “Wow.” And then, “1998? What the hell was I doing?”

Raphael Saadiq and Citizen Cope? Man, I feel like I’m losing ground every time I happen across a band I’ve never heard of that just blows me away.

While surfing through pop art images today I saw the word “Maintentart.” I was simply attracted to the word like a pair of legs in a restaurant. I surfed around and found some review on a CD of that name. Spotify had nothing on it. The band is Gigi, so I poked around for it. Before long I had a dozen windows open in my browser. During my search I came across the name Colin Stewart. He was somehow involved in Gigi. I clicked around his site, and then continued on my search for more info on the word Maintentant. It ends up meaning “NOW” in French. It’s a good looking word.

My ADD kicked in, and at some point I just went back to work designing something. Time went by and I realized I was hearing some pretty incredible music. I clicked over to Spotify to see what it was and how I’d gotten there, and I was confused. It wasn’t coming from Spotify. With all the browser windows open I had to surf around to find which one was piping music. It was from Colin Stewart’s site, and the stuff was fantastic.

He’s is a producer/engineer in Vancouver, and co-founder of The Hive, a music production house, also in Vancouver. On his website is a playlist that I’d clicked on and then forgotten about, and from it came a gang of magic. I started cross referencing the band names on Spotify and many weren’t coming up. No Time To Kill. No Red Cedar. No Sun Wizard. No Gigi. No Rolla Olak. No Gold And Youth. No Veda Hille. No Vincat.

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Cave Singers. Colin’s worked with them. Other bands are on Spotify, but I’ve never heard of them. Kathryn Calder. Dan Mangan. The British Columbians. Black Mountain and others. But now I’m glad I have.

It was like stumbling across an unknown box at a garage sale and finding treasure. And now I’m blasting it to you. So go to Colin Stewart’s site, and let his playlist run. Enjoy.

Now, in return, post here some great bands you’re listening to, and spread the love.

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