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A creative blog by Corey Mason on The Whole 9

Corey Mason is founder/director for worldOneradio+festival, based in El Cerrito (SF Bay Rim). He works by day as an educator in public schools and, worldOnelove~dj for higher.

Happy New Day .. May the Rumors+Conditions of Peace Prevail in Every Heart


Happy New Day .. Everyday .. throughout the Rolling Year … We are Grateful .. recently encountered arts imagery and inspiration in the work of Paul Windsor / Heiltsuk Artist+Culture Keeper ..  find a web contact for Paul + Native-Indigenous  collective here . Thank you for permissions, Paul. This new day and new year, with Universe (One-turning) One-teaching us through Procession, the incremental change, in the vastness, microinmacro.. cycleswithincycles ..circleswithincircles .. don’t panic, we’re organix ! ..  we are circling we are spiraling all together creatures to Creation ... As we grow, mature, ripen and understand in our Golden Rays Illuminating Our Parade of Bright Blessed Days .. Good Morning Good to ALL Our Relations .. And Dark Sacred Nights .. Dreamcatcher catch me that dream, turning revealing the feelings and scenes .  so that I may innerstand .. help heal-whole any angst, the negativity of fear, isolation, despair, on its way, to decompose, go down, decay, come back around as something fecund-fertile, useful, handsome and beautiful .. help me understand my particular and individual place, my gift to share .. Y O U R  G I F T  …  in the the improbable and self-evident existence of GREAT SPIRIT  … and awaken again ..  hand to hand… heart to heart …  in the starry expanse .. here Appreciating the Beauty of This Earth .. Pachamama .. Gaia .. S H E  …   W E  spelled out in mineral earth, sparkling waters, whorls, shimmering, tumbling -cascading chchchanging,  pulsing, breathing turquoise jewel of a planet ..  All Our Relations .. Time for Rebirth and Renewal .. Calling, Awaiting and Trusting in the Return of the Light .. Hope Springs Eternal Springs Hope .. that works and prays and sweats ..  sweat , the best perfume .. ( all due respect!  to flowers) .. So Make Merry, Make Amends, Welcome New Friends, Let Go Let G– .. while Cherishing what is Old and True and Beauitiful ..  let old acquaintance be forgot .. Maybe get a bit fizzy? ( ojo! that thizzy), and let’s get busy like the bees, to build our collective hives and reverberating reverence-minds, UPset any sad, sinking status quo and cultivate honey in our hearts   .. reBorn to be lively !! Heavy on the cloves .. light on the cinnamon .. Happy New Bright Blessed Days and Dark Sacred Nights Indeed .. = : ) ~  +  { : *

vips ..    there are of couse musicalities and notions to accompany the thoughts and images above .. too dee and wide for this particular space .. please attune to  .. you will discern a chime in spiraling space and flowering time …

Happy New Year .. Time to Crow

Happy New Year! … Time to Crow .. Double Anuenue All the Way ….

worldOnefestival 2017 announcement on

Time to Rise + Shine …. Goodness knows, it is more that time …

U . S . ALL Our Relations

Let Your WorldLove Chime in Spiraling Space and Flowering Time …  We all have a Gift .. we have Hearts + Hands.. we all need a  l i f t …  we do ultimately need to learn to love each other like a Sister and Brother from Another Mother ..  Our One Earth Mother … yes, that one too, especially that one.. to overcome “us vs. them” , which is just another unproductive schism, and its all us.

We don’t neeeed no mo’ trumpble …  Let’s get our shift together … need a soundtrack for your new evolution ? tune in 7 days a week 24/7  via the listen live button top right on the home page .. or via tunein, the free app for your even smarter phone .. Sciences + Technologies + Engineering + Mathematics  informed by the ARTS..  of what it is to Be in a Good Way,  Good Spirit, Open Mind + Heart … Walking in Beauty,  attracted to Goodness, Virtues, and Truly Human being Human … through all the seasons .. Spring Summer Autumn Winter …  Spring Hopes Eternal … through all our joys and pains sunshine and rains ..

Are you willin’ to do the Work ? (Prince, forever)

It’s a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood ( Sri Rogers, forever)

Could you be, would you be love (Robert Nesta, forever)

corecast 2016

Our current U.S. predicament and passage has been incubating for a long, long time…  shocking? yes, daily? yes, purposive, clumsy, and/or by design … and for long-arc-observers, not a surprise …. our current national non-presidential federal melange is a most arrogant and garish demonstration, parading in plain sight, America-al-Lago? ( membership has hiked to 200k) of very bad habits and practices which have been circulating and instituting since the so-called “Discovery” and the “winners”-take-all-conquer-separate-defame-despoil-usurp-corporatize-commodify-privatize-racialize-enslave-genocide-scandalize-marginalize-criminalize-tripledoubletalk philosophy of a particular brand of “Manifest Destiny” … . U. GLY S. A. ?!

We have had, and have among us National-Town Criers and Genuine Illumined Leadership ..  forever !

Dwight D. Eisenhower’s (1961)  warning …   this link @ 16 min

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s  ”Three Evils”  Warnings ( excerpted ) : this link @ 43 min

Ever since the birth of our nation, White America has had a Schizophrenic personality on the question of race, she has been torn between selves. A self in which she proudly professes the great principle of democracy and a self in which she madly practices the antithesis of democracy. This tragic duality has produced a strange indecisiveness and ambivalence ..

This does not imply that all White Americans are racist, far from it. Many white people have, through a deep moral compulsion fought long and hard for racial justice nor does it mean that America has made no progress in her attempt to cure the body politic of the disease of racism or that the dogma of racism has been considerably modified in recent years. However for the good of America, it is necessary to refute the idea that the dominant ideology in our country, even today, is freedom and equality while racism is just an occasional departure from the norm on the part of a few bigoted extremists. Racism can well be, that corrosive evil that will bring down the curtain on western civilization. Arnold Toynesbee has said that some twenty-six civilization have risen upon the face of the Earth, almost all of them have descended into the junk heap of destruction. The decline and fall of these civilizations, according to Toynesbee, was not caused by external invasion but by internal decay. They failed to respond creatively to the challenges impingent upon them. If America does not respond creatively to the challenge to banish racism, some future historian will have to say, that a great civilization died because it lacked the soul and commitment to make justice a reality for all men.

The second aspect of our afflicted society is extreme materialism, an Asian writer has portrayed our
dilemma in candid terms, he says, “you call your thousand material devices labor saving machinery, yet you are
forever busy. With the multiplying of your machinery you grow increasingly fatigued, anxious, nervous,dissatisfied. Whatever you have you want more and where ever you are you want to go somewhere else. Your devices are neither time saving nor soul saving machinery. They are so many sharp spurs which urge you on to invent more machinery
and to do more business”. This tells us something about our civilization that cannot be
caste aside as a prejudiced charge by an eastern thinker who is jealous of Western prosperity. We cannot escape the indictment.
The final phase of our national sickness is the disease of militarism… it has exacerbated the hatred between continents and worst still between races. It has frustrated our development at home, telling our own underprivileged citizens that we place insatiable military demands above their critical needs. It has greatly contributed to the forces of reaction in America and strengthened the military industrial complex. source: Respect and Thanks >

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. ( MLK )

Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)

36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

What does it profit a Nation to Gain the World, and Lose its Soul …

We’ve got some important work to do, each and everyone in our tiny canoe … its gonna take allawe, and everything we’ve got to wake up and live, wake up and give .. hand to hand heart to heart .. maybe not always eye to eye , though always I in I ..

U.S.ALL  Our Relations … = ; ) ~


Love you, Corey Mason…for this beautiful, truthful and important message and for the mind and soul you’ve cultivated that it springs from.

Open Hearts + Open Minds + Open Possibilities

Open Minds + Open Hearts + Open House

All worldOnelovs are invited to keCg + worldOneradio Open House
Saturday, Nov 19 @ keCg 11 A – 2 P

Meet + Mingle + Tingle ?
Sparkling eyes + sparking ears technique ..
lively and direct, in person ! social + media !

Pot Luck !

This word-concept, imported to English from …  “Potlatch”potlatch is a gift-giving feast practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and the United States,[1] among whom it is traditionally the primary economic system.[2] This includes the HeiltsukHaidaNuxalkTlingitMakahTsimshian,[3] Nuu-chah-nulth,[4]Kwakwaka’wakw,[2] and Coast Salish cultures) Thanks contributors to Wikipedia.

if you care to bring a delectable, we’ll have plates, bevs and such ..

Just let us know what you might bring along? so we might best coordinate.

A seasonal and great time to get together, givingThanks, get to know + grow the glow
we’ll even have some worldOne tees and festival merch out for perusal, don’tchaknow ..

And if you are in the position to make a donation .. lov! those keCg supportive positive vibrations!
(though, the District is apparently, as yet, incapable of making any electronic /card /square account available).
Carramba ! We would welcome and thank your tax deductible donation by check, and will lovingly receipt accordingly. (We just found an e funding vehicle, My Funding Pal, which will likely be activated by then, let’s see )

Ringadingdingly, what is most essential is that we do get a chance to meet, and y’all can see where worldOne practices, simmers, chants UP ! edjujucates the Rise + Shine daily broadcast, and instructs Broadcast Journalism among our WCCUSD Youth ..

It’s a humble studio suite .. though most who visit find it indeed particularly sweet !

Open Minds + Open hearts + Open Possibilities !

Suite B 200
El Cerrito High School + Performing Arts Center
540 Ashbury Avenue
El Cerrito, CA 94530

ECHS / keCg is walking distance from El Cerrito Plaza Bart (@ 10 -15 min, depending an amble to brisk pace)

Wheelchair accessible. Please RSVP. We’ll make sure to greet and facilitate egress from Parking Lot Entrance.

Ample free parking on Eureka, Ashbury ( curb your wheels ) or Pomona. Walk-in access through the Faculty Parking Lot pedestrian gate, located on Eureka Street.

There are a few more details

E como mai … bring the kids ! Lets get together and feel alright , in plain sight , and in the groove !   = : ) ~


Love you Corey…I hope your event was a wonderful success!

Summerings + Summerox 2 Equinox

WOOW! … what a Summer … we began it by sleeping deeeeply in our annual post-academic and pre-festival cabin+creek+baths Mount Shasta retreat at Stewart Springs, hiking/sliding in whiteout snowstorms (yes, in June!) on the flanks of Shasta or Carson Pass, helping steward another team of student interns through their STARS program with the City El Cerrito, THEN onto our City of El Cerrito worldOne July 4th festival 2017 (thank you to ALL of our volunteers!), followed by the big “fest pack-down, repairs and notes-ponderings”, then to delight on Kaua’i for Heiva I Kauai, Manini Holo wave riding, Waipa Music & Mango Festival, and a demanding re-entry into the Back to School Edulanche, and local events ~ Brazil Day ~ Lavagaem, Solano Stroll, and California Coastal Cleanup.  Y’all can already revisit worldOnefestival 2016 on FB … thus, onward !  … and please do recommend … tellafriendtotellafiend about these blends, attune via 88.1 keCg 97.7 and take us with you via free download, smarter-as-informed-through-the-arts-phone-app tunein, search “worldoneradio” or “kecg” …

Heiva I Kaua’i 2016
Iorana, aloha, we love y’all, mahalos + maruru ! Manea +Jo and all heiva o’hana. This precious Kapa’a Tahitian dance and drumming festival opened its circle to our volunteering some 6 years ago, and we feel good + truly blessed to be a part of its community and cultural celebration. What started out as opala collection and recycling has evolved into blossoming friendships. (I got to have a first hands-on ki’i carving, AND mow the lawn at the jongle pahu shop! LOL!)  Below,  BruddahBlake + Corey totin’ spectator benches ! … LOVUMAN ! A Hui Ho !



Waipa Music + Mango
I cannot say enough, and less is more here … suffice it to say that something precious and life-giving is alive and well around Waipa … A Hawai’i alternately sought, celebrated and squelched is flourishing quietly and determinedly intact, in and with the Aina and abiding Spirit of Aloha. I look forward with full heart and ready hands to collaborate in support of this community, in whatever way is genuinely and harmoniously helpful.  So many folks to thank and xo, and we do, in our hearts albeit from afar … Thank you all for teaching, keeping and sharing Malama Aina …  One afternoon, Stacey invited us .. we should come back to the fish pond to join a celebratory event, saluting the work of a specially convened ki’i carving retreat, a gathering of elder kahuna and young aspiring master carvers, working and learning together to additionally spark the renaissance of Living Hawaiian Arts + Culture … Below, in attendance with the alternately stoic or feisty younger carvers are Master Carvers and culture keepers Sam Ka’ai (Mau’i ) and Lionel Grant (Aotearoa/Maori) in the foreground.. and below, its a family affair with the Jon Osorio Trio ..




Brasarte Brazil Day + Lavagem
Everybody needs a hand! You have likely already figured out that we ourselves do indeed volunteer to help in other events, while we ask our nearby community to support us in the summer here in El Cerrito.  Closer to our own home is nearby Brasarte / Casa de Cultura in Berkeley. And YES, every event of this scale needs help. In this particular scenario these last two years I work afternoons on refuse and recycling while my beloved & I otherwise help check in early-arriving arts and food vendors. My clothes are pretty stank when I get home. Someone has got to do it, and the task is as un-glamorous as it is essential and physically demanding. Berkeley, Bay Area, Hanalei, US! … we have to learn to do a much, much better job of separating the recyclable and compostables we just purchased and managed to get in our mouths! Next, it really, really needs separating.  What I have been seeing over years of this task in various places, including my own high school, is just a mess .. all generations, we gotta do the recy thing correctly and deliberately !


One of my fave moments of the Day was watching hard-workin’-spinnin’ DJ Jose Ruiz ( aka mundomuzik) , grab a cigar (like a mouth-clenched pontoon) and his seemingly possessed calabaza and shake shake shake shake it in the post-fest rumba inside Brasarte.   AbrazBro!jose-ruiz-corey-2016
Solano Stroll 2016

The truck load of gear pictured below should perhaps have a handle on the side like a jack-in-the-box.  Once open/un-packed, it turns into a whole lotta musicultural fun with Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Patrick Landeza, Suhaila International, Non Stop Bhangra , RYSE Center, El Cerrito Dance Production , and the dancing Solano Strolling public ! Thank you Texx + Dano + Ernest +Tucker + Marin + Christopher for all the production help and TLC.  Our Thanks to Solano Avenue Association for production support and allowing us the privilege of producing this year’s Main Stage once again for the 250,000 strollers ! solano-stroll-truck-back-2016


California Coastal Cleanup
Our thanks and love always to Judi + Eban and the Ca Coastal Commission team who mounts this event at Ocean Beach each year, along with tens of thousands of US fanning out along our precious waterways to do the right thing to remove around a million pounds of refuse off our beaches and creeks. Here’s to Clean Air + Clean Water + Clean Soil + Clean Livelihoods … a world we can share and thrive in with All Our Relations, 7 generations!  We met a whole new gen of National Park Rangers (Giselle + Maria ) entering the field …  and look forward reconnecting soon in classrooms and live keCg studios!     ca-coastal-seawall-2016

Autumn Winter Spring Summer ahead
Yes, we are sowing the seeds for our 19th annual worldOnefestival this 2017.  Invitations are already circulating and confirming. While we continue the world of educating daily in musicultural, broadcast journalism, citizenship and peopleovpeaceopoerunity.
Please KNOW, do not think for a moment, that we have not read-the-news-today-oh, boy … What a house of mirrors, of our own making… recent decades upon decades of media manipulations, strange entertainment and politicontradiction … atop historical oppressions and long standing policies, has lead to this current U.S Ball of Confusions/ Distortions, sociopsy gyro spinning wildly, trumping the prognostications of Future Shock, 1984, and/or Animal Farm. Tailspin, Foxisms-schisms, Babylon Cookie jar economic Wall Street table is tilted, cards are marked, while the biggest thieves and perpetrators walk? and collect millions in bonuses! … The emperor, again, has no clothes … We are rewarding alot of BAD BEHAVIOR ..Babylon walls come a crumblin’ ..

We are thus ripe for living tarot  …. TOWER + (Dis) ILLUSION + BREAKTHROUGH …

You are not a commodity nor an oddity … we are humans being human … Stay Human and Aspire Higher!

Thought is our highest technology and sweat is the best perfume!

Keep Calm (as you can) and Carry On! WE HAVE WORK TO DO !

As Prince exhorted … Are you willing to do the work ?

L ET’ S DO THE WORK !  =  ;  ) ~

Spring Hopes Eternal + worldOnefestival 2016 U.S.ALL

Good Morning Good ALL … kecg.glyph.2016.tot.SoBE1.5

Corey is writing from El Cerritmo heartquarters this morning… enjoying the sound of seasonal owls hooting from a nearby stand of trees.. they are back … and long with all the Spring Blooms .. this lush and beautiful Spring, Thanks to generous rains ..our back yard is a riot of oxalis, and seasonal blooms .. (soon to be gopher salad-buffet all you can eat heaven!) We will always cherish a brunch we we were enjoying with our pal Michael Roman, when a weedy shrub (the size and roundness of a medium yoga ball)  just beside our table, after a few gentle shimmies, shook like a 60’s gogo dancer and THAAWIP ! yoiked out of sight …

worldOnefestival is rising again.. it takes a Village … to invoke, trust, sweat, and pray through an annual endeavor like this is not for us that we do this, as a community event, though we do benefit from it, the Fullness therein … and now a generation of families has grown up with this particular blossom of musicality, kultimultural celebration and collective aspiration.. Wone pc back 3.27.16

a Genuine festival is in Honor of something, serving some Spirit Greater than Ourselves,  some facets of the Greatest within Ourselves .. and thus immersive, exhausting, regenerative..

Thank you for joining us and Circling, while we Give Thanks…Gracias a La Vida .. and offer Song + Dance in the Key of Life + Love .. while we celebrate the red white and Blue.. Red Gold and Green … Right Around the Medicine Wheel for real …USALL .. ALLAWE … ALLINALL …We recently visited British Columbia, where we visited the beautiful and welcoming Skuxwu7mesh Lilwat7ul Cultural Center at Whistler ( named for the Whistling Marmot) …  We extend our thanks particularly to Ambassador Culture Keepers Shutikem and Sik Sik … and YES ! we are enjoying sharing the Songs of Nations cd compilations  on air !  lilwat healing symbol

In September 2015 worldOne rounded 20 years of public radio broadcast here on the Bay Rim via 88.1 keCg 97.7, a broadcast service of West Contra Costa Unified School District (wherein Corey teaches Broadcast Journalism  and Spanish along with hosting, programming, managing keCg). We have gotten by with the enduring if not public-schools-funding-buffeted support of our District along with the stalwart Vision and fiduciary facilitation of City of El Cerrito  and a little a little and alotta help from like-minded sponsors and friends. Your direct listener or business underwrite sponsorship of KeCg Public Radio will be warmly welcomed! And it goes along way. It has to ! While we urge you to support your favorite public spirited media, as we seem to never miss the water til its gone. For our part glocally, we have dedicated ourselves to continually seeking, finding, remembering and rewinding why we do what we do in our tiny canoe .. in Education and Integrative Medicine medicine and Debra Sue + Corey are again callin …debra sue pro fotocorecast 2016for all MatronPatronage + Angelic + GlocalYokel support, volunteers, direct donations and sponsors to become involved in the sweep of the festival and the swirl of its Artistry along with @ 12,000 attendees ... somehow we got a bit older …  we started out as hale 20-40 somethings and quickly became 40 – 60+ somethings  .. ain’t that something? ! LOL …  if you or you civic, work, spirit group  crew affiliation can afford some time the week before and the day after the event dates, that is June 28 – July 6th, please do reach to us directly at heartquarters… and otherwise employ the I volunteer link in the pull-down header bar.

We are in our second year of Rise and Shine Morning Radio .. daily to help you greet the day … Rise + Shine is braodcast /streamed  @ 7- 9A CST ..  perhaps you’ll like adding this listening experience to your play list ..

More soon… Gotta get up and out and Enjoy some of this Spring SUNSHINE …

Looking forward, inward, outward  …

Best Always … = :  ) ~

Giving Thanks Giving Always

Always Giving Thanks Giving

Esteemed RadioEscuchas …

radiant roger

Happy Giving Thanks Giving … Blessed Be..

This season is one of Harvest, Hearth, Community, Introspection and Renewal…

This season and this national holiday is also complicated, with much pain, post-traumatic ancestral memory of forced relocation, genocide, desecration, mytho-cultural erasures, distortions, or historical inaccuracies, which compel many Native Americans to retreat from ” mainstream” cultural celebration, protest and rebel.

Our mainstream culture itself has a mixed love-hate relationship with this season… on the one hand, feverish-black-everything-shop-o-rama, and on the other, since the initiative launched years ago by AdBusters, more folks and even REI, saying no to seasonal ultra-commercialization and hype.

To wit, we invite All to reexamine the genuine Universal Values of Giving Thanks as a Way of Being, as a daily practice in Spirit.We Acknowledge and Appreciate all the Wonders our World and Creativity offer. As Dr. King advised and admonished,we should be chary in the temptation to value things more than people, All The People .. and I will, if you please, to extend his urging, to include all the Winged, Four-Footed, Flora, Fauna, Watery, or Mineral, and All we do not yet know or for which we as yet have no name.

worldOneradio is Associated in Abiding Friendship with UnderCurrents andNative Voice One, the Native American Radio Service, for which we are Grateful. Glocally we are delighted to be in extended family bonds with the Perkins Family, Roger Sosakete + Chela Pele + their children  … living in theirMohawk~Kanien’kehá:ka Haudenosaunee (Six Nations). Herewith I would like to share a few (or many) healing images realized by Sosakete (several others are cherished radiant symbol-spirits, illuminating +nourishing in our home).

radiant rogerPlease learn more about Roger’s endless Inspired Creativity and Good Spirit by visiting powwowpopart. His most recent totem (relationship) pole, here.

roger totem 2015And yes, you too can live with his arts-images-ceramics. Reach out and recommend upon inspiration.

And yes, please be reminded that there are Native Peoples everywhere, and blended native Peoples everywhere, and you can reach out and participate in open events at Friendship Houses, powwows and Living Galleries like our own nearby Gathering Tribes, Albany~Berkeley Cali, under the Leadership and Curation of Pennie Opal Plant.

And, as Native Wisdom Keepers will advise, its always a Great Day to Give Thanks, and to Celebrate the Indigenous Roots of All  World Cultures.. The Threads of Our Rope back in Time … Our Braided Hair .. Our DNA … Connected to Earth, Weather,All Creatures, Creation, and Great Spirit…  All Spirits Dancing in the Flesh.. We are Circling … Spiraling Together .. Holy Mystery This Is Family This Is Celebration … Buffy Saint Marie

bufft st marie power in the blood

Giving Thanks Giving … Thank you for the Favor of Your Listening … Blessed Be .. AllaWe  = : ) ~

Summer Calabash

We’ve enjoyed a very full summer season … recovering from wilting fatigue from the academic year … a June-timed fam reunion in Ashland / Shasta  (XO! Kelvins) …  the lift of the celebration of our 17th annual worldOnefestival (photo journaled in FB worldonefestival) and pack down, then several weeks of Kauaian immersion in two beautiful musicultural celebrations Heiva Kauai/ Kapa’a + Music and Mango Waipa /Hanalei… Na Pali puhi, Manini Holo ( weeks of summer swell-not so manini)  WE Are Grateful … and again i witmnessed the wisdom and accuracy of the Down Home Music / Arhoolie bumper sticker ” Real Musicians Drive Tractors” … this was true of O’ahu road workin’ Uncle Gabby, is true of Uncle David ( BobCat to Uke), and it tuerns out again and again that it takes a village to clean taro, raise a festival, and share the fruits thereof … daylong days, short sacred nights, and sweat the best perfume ( cutting the heat with frequent creek or kai dips, hose, outdoor, or passing ua showers ) ..
Kalen+ Corey Waipa Farmers Market 2015 Kalen+ Corey Waipa Farmers Market 2015

Some reflections of Kauai .. musics for the eyes, heart, da mout, … Maruru to our hosts and cherished friends, o’hana and hui under the direction of Manea and SallyJo .. Mahalo !  Kalen Stacey, Emma and All at Waipa.. Mahalo Auntie Sunny … Gracias Mico !  a hui ho !
Manea Tepairu + Corey Kapa'a Heiva 2015 Manea + Corey Heiva 2015

Uluwehi Uluwehi

Mana Tahiti Wahine 2015 Mana Tahiti Wahine 2015

Na PaliNa Pali

sunrise shellssunrise shells

Bruddahs Leoni, Alan + Corey Heiva 2015 Bruddahs Leoni, Alan + Corey Heiva 2015

Climbing back in the saddle now .. our hearts full, bodies worked, and vana spines still getting expunged from in my feet.

Greeting  a new crop of Boradcast Journalism and Spanish Language students and Rising and Reaching for the Sun on the Pulse of each new Magical Mystery Day ..

Upcoming worldOne collab Events :

Solano Stroll Main Stage Sunday 09.13 live broadcast will feature :  Gamelan Sekar Jaya +TiareOTeAo +  Suhaila International+ Non-Stop Bhangra + ECHS Dance Production Shake Your Beauty + Brasarte

California Coastal Cleanup 2015 Saturday 09.19 ~  Join tens of thousands of volunteers statewide, at any nearby beach, bay, or waterway  .. its the biggest volunteer event  annually in our coastal state   .. worldOne hosts the event in San Francisco Ocean Beach with Judi, Eban and the whole local Cali Coastal Commission crew + volunteers …

On the occasion of our twentieth anniversary orbit of worldOneradio here via 88.1 keCg 97.7 …

a little rewind.. context and journey sharing …

We Thank youDear Listener for the favor of your listening and direct moral and material support.

We Thank WCCUSD for managing to believe in a particular emerging vision despite enormous challenges.

On our wall there’s a photo of an amiable looking fellow with the requisite pocket protector. We remember and thank our visionary and enterprisingEducator Founders Electronics Teacher Elmer Peterson and Media Teacher John Tietjen, along with the community members who in the early mid seventies, labored to assuage neighbors opposed to the aesthetics of the antennae atop El Cerrito High School and tilted against KQED who resisted any competitors on the lower end of the FM dial. We thank our long time and Broadcast Engineer Mr. Ernest Herrera, for keeping it all together, in leaner seasons, sometimes with duck tape and a good vibe. And to Mr. Don Mussel, who assisted us when we were in temporary transitional portable digs.
Our thanks to Prentice and Jeannie Woods for their original response to worldOne back in 1994 ..which endured for years MORE .. in association with More Public Radio. And their introduction to Mr. Philip Morgan, a Gospel broadcaster and Educator /Administrator himself , though with a keen ear and heart to welcome a multicultural offering for keCg back in 1995, when..
Envisioned in 94’ and inaugurated via keCg on September 11th 1995 , worldOneradio started out as a five hour daily weekday programming block, all volunteer, and we dedicated all our resources and every single day to read, study, listen and produce that scale of live radio, while we looked for additional opportunities to expand our mission around the country and the world.
We interviewed and pitched the titans of the radio and music industries back in the 90’s,coast to coast, and despite lots of lofty congratulations, pleasant kudos and go-get-ems.. little keCg did indeed evolve to become the de facto terrestrial radio broadcast anchor for our glocal musicultural mission.
Within a few years of broadcast inauguration, your Director was invited to teach radio Broadcasting within WCCUSD on behalf of Contra Costa County Regional Occupational Programs. ROP has been and is a cornerstone, supportive and instrumental in supporting our curriculum since inception.
We extend our thanks to Gary Pukorny, our thence City Manager ,and ourEl Cerrito Rotary for welcoming the vision and the difficult work of founding the first, and now 18th annual worldOnefestival Produced in partnership with a Brilliant Team together with the City of El Cerrito, lead by Chris Jones.
We thank our lucky stars that there was a somewhere, at the very end or beginning of the FM dial, to capture and kindle the musicultural musical fire, aspiration and global communication, cross- seeding, that was igniting across the globe in 80’s and 90’s … then …

the shuddering and shuttering of the trauma of that terrible day in September … and the concomitant suspicions of all things, quote “foreign”.. I don’t know if you’ll recall well and clearly … a heavy dampening effect of our North American pop psyche in terms musicultural interest travel, tours, visa and global consciousness .. we event received hate calls and threats. Not to dwell on setbacks, but just so you are aware.. keCg and itself was very nearly liquidated, otherwise assigned, and your Director disinvited, removed from classrooms, which too had a chilling effect on our constellation and Mission.
It is said that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and we have persevered, through this era of interweb everything, free music and Pandorisms. Happily , lately we have been congratulated and lauded for artistic, educational excellence and community service through :
– Contra Costa County Arts Award 2013
– Unite4Good Innovation a, Hero Award 2013
– Contra Costa Time Community Hero 2013

in 2015 we have been honored again through :

  • – El Cerrito NAACP Service Award

California State Legislature Service Recognition
We endlessly thank the artists, labels, dj’s and industry which brings all this musicality to our ears, and especially Doug Wendt, Gregg McViccar ( NaTive Voice One), all the musicians who have graced our regional performance venues, our keCg studios and worldOnefestival.
We endlessly thank our worldOneateers who make the festival at all possible to lift, you know who y’all are! XO’s!  And by the way you are all invited to pitch in, as somehow, we got twenty years older! Its never too early to get in touch to learn what you can do around festival, in fact and find the volunteer tab today !
Dj worldOnelove is wholly indebted and Grateful to my beloved wife, love, best friend and Coprrro Debra Sue Kelvin LAC, who daily supports and nourishes my spirit heart, my bodily avatar.

Thank you Great Spirit .. for this parade of days … relationships, wonders and signs, scrapes and bruises and healings,  for all the lessons , setbacks, losses, obstacles, facilitations and serendipities that guide me back to the Way.

Dear Radio escucha, thank you again for the favor of your listening, writing, supporting, recommending, linking, socialing, attending and blending these united riddims into the quilt of your own experience and life .

This is dream song we are singing for you, to educe inform uplift and inspire, doing what we can do in our tiny canoe … to bring something good, beautiful and useful through, to you …

As we enter this next decade of life, learning and service .. we can’t predict what the future holds .. though we know this is a daily operation, throughout the rolling year … may we all listen to the rhythms, and wisdoms .. and lose the fears ….for peoplovpeacecopower unity .. worldOnelove .. keCG !  IMUA! = : ) ~

worldOnefestival July 3+ 4 e como mai = : ) ~

Happy Summerings !   We hope you can join us … navigating the gazillion details of this annual fete …. it takes a  Village + Volunteers + Artists + Appreciative, Generous Audience …   Musicalities and Arts gathered from the four corners ..  Dreaming Globally .. Living Glocally …  please do join us if you can !   e como mai  = : ) ~


Can’t wait to see you <3

Spring Hopes Eternal ~ A Universal People’s Improvement Message

First things first .. look top right on the home page  …  press play !  .. voila !

For several months now .. we have been adding a daily morning radio session to the station @ 7 – 8:30 am daily CST,  ... Rise + Shine .. it might just be your glocal morning cup of tea or mochaccino … via ( press play top right on home page)  or download tunein free app and search “worldoneradio” or “kecg” … let us know you are tuned in via email.. and we’ll holla atcha !

Universal People’s Improvement Messages  …

As a local terrestrial Public FM Radio Station, we have naturally seek like minded-missioned glocal sponsors and individual listener donors. We have been considering for a long time, how to dig a little deeper, to actually align our living breathing project, with That which actually sponsors the sponsors + listeners + we ourselves.  How have we surrendered virtually all of our public messaging space to corporations hawking cell phones, car insurance, movies, fastjunk foods or sugary beverages, or pizza? I know, e v e r y b o d y loves pizza ! Carramba !   Our small remedy, UPIM are now broadcast hourly via worldOneradio ..  to remind, help us unwind our minds, and mind our collective well being … and yes, we’d love to hear from you… if you’d care to pen and offer a UPIM … please let us know!

keCg worldOne radio glocal programming is possible at all, by virtue of human discernment and understanding of ..

HOPE : a Universal People’s Improvement Missive …

We live in hope of deliverance from any darkness that erupts around us   … evil : the shadows of hate, violence, avarice, anxiety, apathy, despair, sickness, disease, environmental degradation, ignorance, poverty, dearth, the rumors and conditions of war…

Cynics might say hope is a delusion .. and we might agree, if we might hope idly for some change of condition, mind state, attitude, law, policy. In Spanish, from its Latin language root, hope and wait are the same work .. esperar…. hope is fully alive when though not shrouded in ignorance, or disinterest, distraction nor apathy .. instead patience and careful observation are cultivated in our human psyche and all human enterprise to support and nurture the full flowering of HOPE ..

Hope works and prays and sweats and waits.. for the right opportunity .. a break in the weather, the dissipation of the storm.. and keeps its seed, its ember/fire and its work L I T to deliver its particular hopeful vision as a nascent, if not long-burning potential and reality to our world .. and thus our great leaders are at once great thinker-feelers-envisioners-framers… and at once our most hopeful as they keep faith in their respective vision throughout all disciplines and then coax it to become a reality .. often enough through iterations, setbacks and obstacles, formidable hardships, even life threatening opposition, in every arena, from health, to arts, civil rights , ecology to technology.

It is our duty to remain hopeful and optimistic as we endure institutions and policies which do not work, no longer function properly in synergy in our home ecosystem, with an ever expanding world view and interconnectivity ..

fittna get my drift on here … we have always been interconnected .. in real organic Ecosphere and real Clouds and real living mineral Earthnet, living ether-Skynet, Indranet, and Younet … before iphone, smart phone, telephone, there is Telepathy, Psi and Zeitgeist, Dream-time … before any gadgets … before Intuit there is intuition and before Beats by Dre.. the pre-installed Beat by G– .. before Oracle there are Oracles … before cool tight stretchy pants there is Yoga done by seekers and sadhus for the alignment and perfecting of their body-mind, and not for a look or yoga booty .. we have a tendency to rush to odd new demigods/demigoods  … stuff and things …and seeming always driven , puffed up and thereby diminished by relentless commercial “ development” .. pretty cool stuff , but not it..

Here’s to dialing down confusion and allowing entheos, cocreating with enthusion.

Vision + passion + action is the alchemy which precipitates any humanifestation in this world .. the organic circuits of our dreaming , conscious and deliberate envisioning, our visionary imagination engine, through the very chambers of the heart, and our heart of compassion for all life , through the vehicle and factory of the body electric ..

HOPE works and sweats and sacrifices through all the seasons and experimental iterations … all the failures and frustration… even vilification and exile … to realize its goals through joys and tears with courage .. to greet the pulse of this new day …
When you may feel discouraged, avoid negativity in all its forms… from self-defeating thinking, to negating foods or activities, including entertainments … Seek … natural places and spaces, positive non judgmental conversations, water, herbals teas and foods which genuinely support your balance harmony and well being ..

HOPE springs eternal … look up, look to the morning sun …may you and we all ,in turn, spring eternally filled with revivifying hope ..  = : ) ~

worldOneradio recent runnings:

One of our keCg/worldOne Youth Radio broadcasters, Nanette Thompson recently generated a feature, broadcast nationally on NPR: primary, interviewee, Jace, is another one of our/my current and Precious Students…

and if you please, a few recent accolades (as a further testament to the power education with the added juju of glocal musiculture + edjujucation?! :

-   2015 MLK Dream Award (local NAACP)

-   2015 CA State Legislature ( Public Service)  Recognition

worldOne is a drum that brings the Good Spirit to protect you ..  see our daily program guide under the keCg radio tab above .. e como mai !

KeCG and worldOne salutes and celebrates  2015 Rex Foundation  Ralph J. Gleason Award winner Doug Wendt !

In memory of music journalist Ralph J. Gleason, a major figure in the advancement of music in America in the 1960s, whose openness to new music and ideas transcended differences between generations and styles.

Doug Wendt has been one of the most influential people in the country in bringing Reggae and World Beat music to the American public. He began his career in the Bay Area as Host & Producer of the pioneering commercial radio reggae program The Reggae Explosion on KTIM AM & FM in San Rafael, CA from 1974-1977. Since then he has both hosted and produced various commercial and public radio reggae programs. Doug worked as a journalist contributing articles to Rolling Stone, Beat Magazine and others publications as well as penning liner notes for reggae recordings issued by Island Records, Heartbeat/Rounder, Putumayo and other labels. He was instrumental in promoting many popular reggae festivals and films. Aside from all of his work as a DJ, VJ, journalist and consultant he has accumulated an extraordinary archive of live and recorded reggae and world beat music and videos which he has been in the process of digitizing for posterity. The funds from a Rex award will help him continue to convert his vast personal library of music to digital form.

and for a good time shakin your beauty … a few video links … to CAli and/or African Thrill you  !

Ashel Seasunz ~ Lady Justice

Rocky Dawuni ~ African Thriller

worldOnelovs 1beat .. a 1loveletter

Yes  I 1lov U Yes!   Yes! .. how do you fall in brotherly and sisterly love at first  s o u n d ? 1beat that’s how ! (Found Sound/ Bang on a Can) presented a daylong celebration of its recent California  residency at Montalvo PublicWorks SF and then a pair of educational/youth performances and a final all day concert at Montalvo Arts in Saratoga. 1beat Fellow Fidel + Corey .. 1beat fidel + corey 20141beat ensemble 2014 Wow.  WOW!  Wow! W O O W!   Congratulations  +   E n  c o r e !

Thank you and Appreciation to all Fellows and Co-Founder/Directors Jeremy Thall and Chris Marianetti and the directorial staff who moved so adroitly and kindly (Elena! 1beat  Leah! Montalvo ) around and behind the scenes. 1beat Co-Founder Jeremy + your friendly neighborhood dj worldOnelove ..

1beat jeremy + corey 2014

What a utterly refreshing and enthralling musical experience, the likes of which we have not enjoyed, since WOMAD festivals. ( Speaking of which, why has WOPMAD to the USA for tooooo long .. hmmm )   Real musicality realizes in all kinds of earthnic settings, rustic, desert dusty, cityscapes, or jungly countrysides, all regularly extraordinary, from which the 1beat fellows arise. In this elegantisimo setting, we wandered and followed our eyes and ears through multiple musical atmospheres… perhaps feeling more ourselves like a flock of happy brrds or bees: invited and treated to Interactive musical playgrounds on patios or tree-shaded lawn, roving concerts ( arresting and tender oud + invocals at the Love Temple/ Garden, a Colombian gaita-led parade, calls and response percussives, loops,  and lively dances, reaching a happy apogee in an afternoon Garden Amphitheatre showcase ( encore pictured above) of four 1beat Fellows’ ensembles . The Love Garden, nicely spruced up …

1beat spruce love garden

The Montalvo Estate venue is in itself, musical and quite classically beautiful, elegant, spacious, forest and garden encircled, and thus fragrant.  The fellows resided there for two weeks prior to offering the fruits of their new collaborations in various pod-ensembles +smaller workshop rhythm, dance, and musical sections. 1beat Co-founder Chris + Corey ..

1beat chris + corey 2014

In its third annual iteration, a very passionate and open collective Spirit of 1beat’s mission was ever-present, in every interaction and musical moment. Intentional, from the heart of the musician as a person, and as a musicultural ambassador.  This Spirit was so Present, that days later I am chiming with it, feeling again just how Precious it was to be in the midst, and IS. This Spirit IS , and it was invoked by 25 young musicians ages 19-35, visiting and collaborating from 17 countries. View/Meet all the fellows, click this !…

Ultimately, we fell in love with e v e r y o n e .  Now that’s cultural diplomacy, thank you Department of State ... 3 cups of tea …  you know, with a Daniela + Ahamed + Blessing +  a shimmy shimmy shake.

1beat blessing 2014

So, there is a deeper wave in the world, added dimensions of seeing and feeling, beyond land and resource grabs, cultural colonization and clan-clashing  .. we know this .. and its seems to blossom naturally in the presence of collective intentionality open hearts +open minds … armature not armaments ? ..  pearls of water on the hips, not gun ships ?  Life beyond national/ized fears and separate schisms..

Around the ol worldOneradio corral … we ourselves believe in  B E A U T Y .. and the beats …

…and the stars make love to the universe … under blue skies, white clouds… musicalities from and for all earthnicities .. double rainbow higher fire …   que bebamos cultura !  and we’re like .. and we’re like ..  listen for the three discrete hours of worldOne whirligig 1beat field recordings, indamix on-air and online  … feel fine !

most definitely enjoy the view video  links .. utterly refreshing !

and listen to 1beat via soundcloud

more soon  …  glocal listeners take us with you via tune in free app search “worldoneradio” or “keCg”

tune in logoif you like what you hear and feel ? e como mai .. tella friend to tella friend to tella friend ..  rock a rockafella … and lick our face?!book .. Gaita ! GaitON! and turn the people on ! = : ) ~ 1beat gaita