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A creative blog by Corey Mason on The Whole 9

Corey Mason is founder/director for worldOneradio+festival, based in El Cerrito (SF Bay Rim). He works by day as an educator in public schools and, worldOnelove~dj for higher.

worldOnelovs 1beat .. a 1loveletter

Yes  I 1lov U Yes!   Yes! .. how do you fall in brotherly and sisterly love at first  s o u n d ? 1beat that’s how ! (Found Sound/ Bang on a Can) presented a daylong celebration of its recent California  residency at Montalvo PublicWorks SF and then a pair of educational/youth performances and a final all day concert at Montalvo Arts in Saratoga. 1beat Fellow Fidel + Corey .. 1beat fidel + corey 20141beat ensemble 2014 Wow.  WOW!  Wow! W O O W!   Congratulations  +   E n  c o r e !

Thank you and Appreciation to all Fellows and Co-Founder/Directors Jeremy Thall and Chris Marianetti and the directorial staff who moved so adroitly and kindly (Elena! 1beat  Leah! Montalvo ) around and behind the scenes. 1beat Co-Founder Jeremy + your friendly neighborhood dj worldOnelove ..

1beat jeremy + corey 2014

What a utterly refreshing and enthralling musical experience, the likes of which we have not enjoyed, since WOMAD festivals. ( Speaking of which, why has WOPMAD to the USA for tooooo long .. hmmm )   Real musicality realizes in all kinds of earthnic settings, rustic, desert dusty, cityscapes, or jungly countrysides, all regularly extraordinary, from which the 1beat fellows arise. In this elegantisimo setting, we wandered and followed our eyes and ears through multiple musical atmospheres… perhaps feeling more ourselves like a flock of happy brrds or bees: invited and treated to Interactive musical playgrounds on patios or tree-shaded lawn, roving concerts ( arresting and tender oud + invocals at the Love Temple/ Garden, a Colombian gaita-led parade, calls and response percussives, loops,  and lively dances, reaching a happy apogee in an afternoon Garden Amphitheatre showcase ( encore pictured above) of four 1beat Fellows’ ensembles . The Love Garden, nicely spruced up …

1beat spruce love garden

The Montalvo Estate venue is in itself, musical and quite classically beautiful, elegant, spacious, forest and garden encircled, and thus fragrant.  The fellows resided there for two weeks prior to offering the fruits of their new collaborations in various pod-ensembles +smaller workshop rhythm, dance, and musical sections. 1beat Co-founder Chris + Corey ..

1beat chris + corey 2014

In its third annual iteration, a very passionate and open collective Spirit of 1beat’s mission was ever-present, in every interaction and musical moment. Intentional, from the heart of the musician as a person, and as a musicultural ambassador.  This Spirit was so Present, that days later I am chiming with it, feeling again just how Precious it was to be in the midst, and IS. This Spirit IS , and it was invoked by 25 young musicians ages 19-35, visiting and collaborating from 17 countries. View/Meet all the fellows, click this !…

Ultimately, we fell in love with e v e r y o n e .  Now that’s cultural diplomacy, thank you Department of State ... 3 cups of tea …  you know, with a Daniela + Ahamed + Blessing +  a shimmy shimmy shake.

1beat blessing 2014

So, there is a deeper wave in the world, added dimensions of seeing and feeling, beyond land and resource grabs, cultural colonization and clan-clashing  .. we know this .. and its seems to blossom naturally in the presence of collective intentionality open hearts +open minds … armature not armaments ? ..  pearls of water on the hips, not gun ships ?  Life beyond national/ized fears and separate schisms..

Around the ol worldOneradio corral … we ourselves believe in  B E A U T Y .. and the beats …

…and the stars make love to the universe … under blue skies, white clouds… musicalities from and for all earthnicities .. double rainbow higher fire …   que bebamos cultura !  and we’re like .. and we’re like ..  listen for the three discrete hours of worldOne whirligig 1beat field recordings, indamix on-air and online  … feel fine !

most definitely enjoy the view video  links .. utterly refreshing !

and listen to 1beat via soundcloud

more soon  …  glocal listeners take us with you via tune in free app search “worldoneradio” or “keCg”

tune in logoif you like what you hear and feel ? e como mai .. tella friend to tella friend to tella friend ..  rock a rockafella … and lick our face?!book .. Gaita ! GaitON! and turn the people on ! = : ) ~ 1beat gaita

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