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A creative blog by Corey Mason on The Whole 9

Corey Mason is founder/director for worldOneradio+festival, based in El Cerrito (SF Bay Rim). He works by day as an educator in public schools and, worldOnelove~dj for higher.

Spring Hopes Eternal + worldOnefestival 2016 U.S.ALL

Good Morning Good ALL … kecg.glyph.2016.tot.SoBE1.5

Corey is writing from El Cerritmo heartquarters this morning… enjoying the sound of seasonal owls hooting from a nearby stand of trees.. they are back … and long with all the Spring Blooms .. this lush and beautiful Spring, Thanks to generous rains ..our back yard is a riot of oxalis, and seasonal blooms .. (soon to be gopher salad-buffet all you can eat heaven!) We will always cherish a brunch we we were enjoying with our pal Michael Roman, when a weedy shrub (the size and roundness of a medium yoga ball)  just beside our table, after a few gentle shimmies, shook like a 60’s gogo dancer and THAAWIP ! yoiked out of sight …

worldOnefestival is rising again.. it takes a Village … to invoke, trust, sweat, and pray through an annual endeavor like this is not for us that we do this, as a community event, though we do benefit from it, the Fullness therein … and now a generation of families has grown up with this particular blossom of musicality, kultimultural celebration and collective aspiration.. Wone pc back 3.27.16

a Genuine festival is in Honor of something, serving some Spirit Greater than Ourselves,  some facets of the Greatest within Ourselves .. and thus immersive, exhausting, regenerative..

Thank you for joining us and Circling, while we Give Thanks…Gracias a La Vida .. and offer Song + Dance in the Key of Life + Love .. while we celebrate the red white and Blue.. Red Gold and Green … Right Around the Medicine Wheel for real …USALL .. ALLAWE … ALLINALL …We recently visited British Columbia, where we visited the beautiful and welcoming Skuxwu7mesh Lilwat7ul Cultural Center at Whistler ( named for the Whistling Marmot) …  We extend our thanks particularly to Ambassador Culture Keepers Shutikem and Sik Sik … and YES ! we are enjoying sharing the Songs of Nations cd compilations  on air !  lilwat healing symbol

In September 2015 worldOne rounded 20 years of public radio broadcast here on the Bay Rim via 88.1 keCg 97.7, a broadcast service of West Contra Costa Unified School District (wherein Corey teaches Broadcast Journalism  and Spanish along with hosting, programming, managing keCg). We have gotten by with the enduring if not public-schools-funding-buffeted support of our District along with the stalwart Vision and fiduciary facilitation of City of El Cerrito  and a little a little and alotta help from like-minded sponsors and friends. Your direct listener or business underwrite sponsorship of KeCg Public Radio will be warmly welcomed! And it goes along way. It has to ! While we urge you to support your favorite public spirited media, as we seem to never miss the water til its gone. For our part glocally, we have dedicated ourselves to continually seeking, finding, remembering and rewinding why we do what we do in our tiny canoe .. in Education and Integrative Medicine medicine and Debra Sue + Corey are again callin …debra sue pro fotocorecast 2016for all MatronPatronage + Angelic + GlocalYokel support, volunteers, direct donations and sponsors to become involved in the sweep of the festival and the swirl of its Artistry along with @ 12,000 attendees ... somehow we got a bit older …  we started out as hale 20-40 somethings and quickly became 40 – 60+ somethings  .. ain’t that something? ! LOL …  if you or you civic, work, spirit group  crew affiliation can afford some time the week before and the day after the event dates, that is June 28 – July 6th, please do reach to us directly at heartquarters… and otherwise employ the I volunteer link in the pull-down header bar.

We are in our second year of Rise and Shine Morning Radio .. daily to help you greet the day … Rise + Shine is braodcast /streamed  @ 7- 9A CST ..  perhaps you’ll like adding this listening experience to your play list ..

More soon… Gotta get up and out and Enjoy some of this Spring SUNSHINE …

Looking forward, inward, outward  …

Best Always … = :  ) ~

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