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A lifestyle blog by Buffy Charlet on The Whole 9

Buffy Charlet grew up on a hippie commune and then fell in love with hip hop. From Teepee to Easy E, there’s really no explaining it. She’s been everything from a hand model to an editor at Hustler Magazine to a bartender. Now she’s just livin’ the dream, between shifts.

Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Pot Doc

We all know that the great state of Cali has legalized medical marijuana. You have a torn ACL and Vicodin makes you nauseous? Try this reefer. You’re undergoing chemo and can’t keep any food down? This weed chocolate bar will not only alleviate your pain, but it will also stimulate your [...]


So one of my coworkers is in Africa. The Ivory Coast. For three weeks. Which means two things: I’m working a bazillion hours. For three weeks. And her dog is staying with us. For three weeks.
Enough with the dramatic period placements, but in my world, 3 weeks is a long mofo [...]