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A creative blog on The Whole 9 by Nora Martin-Hall

Nora Martin-Hall is a California born artist, internet geek, and recently retired tattoo artist currently residing in the San Fernando Valley. With acrylics and Prisma color pencils as her weapons of choice, she can be found making a mess anywhere between Los Angles and Las Vegas.

Kate MacDowells Porcelain Sculptures

I’ve been a huge fan of Kate MacDowell’s sculptures since first seeing them in a Hi Fructose a year or two ago.

Always excited to see some new(ish) work from her:

Check out her awesome and inspiring portfolio of sculptural work at:


I like her “observations”…very cool!… and beautifully done.

How To Make A Pinhole Camera

New photos with old filters are all the rage these days (guilty as charged.. I AM on instagram… feel free to follow! @NoraMaha).

Cut out the middle man and get your vintage photography on without the expensive smart phone or software with a good ol’ fashioned Pinhole camera!

Apparently you can make one of these things with just some trash and photo paper, which is making me feel a little ripped off lookin’ at my fancy iPhone.

Check out the simple Instructable to learn How To Make A Pinhole Camera out of a box (A BOX!)

And then take a picture and tweet it, so you can be all extra snobby and pretentious when your friends ask which filter and application you used!


This is a fun project to do with kids…..My grand kids are both wired with every technological gadget imaginable (my 13 yr old grand daughter just got an i phone
for her birthday) but they love coming to our house and digging out my very old manual typewriter to type on & making photo synthesis prints with leaves and light sensitive paper and playing with our old film cameras and I am wishing we still had our old darkroom (because that truly is magic you know!)

Dream Big

Just in case you wanted to feel inferior today,

This guy made a massive portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. completely out of Rubik’s cubes.


All I can say is: WOW!

The human brain is an amazing tool when used to it highest potential.

It’s impressive to me mostly from a logistics standpoint- how he computer mapped and reverse engineered the desired final image to correctly layout the individual cubes and how he got each cube to display the correct face. The final image of MLK himself; it’s ok. What’s amazing is the stunt itself (like a Christo ‘wrap’ project).

Cool Creative & Inspiring what more could you ask for in a pice of art?

Rustic meets Cartoony

I came across some clever (and cute) sculptures by artist Eva Funderburgh:

“Eva Funderburgh is a ceramic artist located in Seattle, Washington. Coming from an education in chemistry and sculpture, she has focused herself on making strange whimsical clay creatures. She works on exploring the colors natural to the clay and the finishing process of woodfire, and strives to present creatures that equally mix whimsy, mischief, and threat.”

Considering the recent vinyl toy craze, it’s refreshing to come across work which seems to marry the new trend with traditional materials.

Cool stuff!

Check out the rest of her ceramic creatures at

This is super neat

Check it out


This reminds me of the UCR California Museum of Photography. I used to go there all the time as a kid and they had a really cool exhibit on animation with a zoetrope (a horizontal drum which contains a paper strip of successive images on the inside walls. Slits in the side panel between each image and when you spin the drum they animate) and other ways animation was done throughout history. Very cool. I haven’t thought of that in years (I will admit that I had to look up what a zoetrope was called.)

Very neat. Big cat or little, you think?

How to get your work in a permanent art collection

All you need is $25, and the willingness to part with a finished sketchbook.

Forwarded to me by Michele D’Acosta, AKA shelleyme, The Brooklyn Art Library is on the hunt to archive a sketchbook made by you.

ANYONE can participate in the project (this is kind of the best Secret Santa gift idea ever) , and once you’ve parted with your sketch book, the library will give it a fancy barcode, and set up text/email notifications to be sent to you every time someone views it.

All that for only $25 bucks, and I’m fighting off the urge to buy one for my cat.

Read up some more on this great idea, and participate at:


Thanks for posting this. I heard about this on NPR several months ago and then promptly forgot about it and have been kicking myself ever since.

Pencil Shaving Portraits

UK artist and designer Kyle Bean has a remarkable portfolio (Don’t believe me? See for yourself at, but my absolute favorite pieces in it are his non-traditional color pencil portraits:

Nifty right??? check out the rest here!

What’s your Color IQ?

When I was kid, my dad bought me only 5 colors of paint and told me if I wanted any other colors, I would have to learn to mix them.

To this day, I buy myself only 5 colors of paint (save for the occasional brown simply because I’ve gotten a little lazy).

With that said, I fancy myself as someone who’s pretty good with color, and still found the Color IQ test to be a little challenging.

So what do you say we get a little competition going?

Lets all flex our color recognition muscles and take this color IQ Test forwarded to me by the fabulous Judith.

Click here to align three rows of tiles by order of hue to find your Color IQ, and then POST YOUR RESULTS!

Out of a possible score of 0 to 99 (0 being a perfect score), my color IQ is 3. Not bad… not bad.

How about you?


My color IQ is 4. Not bad.

my brother and his girlfriend scored a 3.
But they also took the quiz on their big screen HD television…

wondering if we can get someone to beat a 3?

Paper SLRs

UK artist Jennifer Collier has mastered the art of Paper Craft. Most impressive are her meticulous paper sculptures of SLR cameras:

Using a paper “fabric”, Jennifer stitches, glues, and molds a variety of items from shoes to typewriters.

“The papers are treated as if cloth, with the main technique employed being stitch; a contemporary twist on traditional textiles.

The papers themselves serve as both the inspiration and the media for my work, with the narrative of the books and papers suggesting the forms.

I tend to find items then investigate a way in which they can be reused and transformed; giving new life to things that would otherwise go unloved or be thrown away.”

Can you actually use any of these things? Well, no. But who cares? They look cool, and that’s all that matters in my book. A book in which I’d totally allow Jennifer to cut up and stitch into a completely useless, but totally awesome fancy new pair of paper chucks.

Check out some more at


Love the rotary phone! I find the typewriter is especially impressive.

Wow…under the commissions…the pair of “glass” slippers? Woah.

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Nora that was awesome! I loved it. Thank you for the link.

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