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A lifestyle blog by Allison Arbuthnot on The Whole 9

Allison was raised on the vine in Sonoma, California, and believes that life is too short to drink bad wine, count calories, or second-guess your destiny. She now lives in Los Angeles where she practices many things, the two most important being contentment and tricks for opening a wine bottle without a wine key.

Popping a Top

Moving is not fun, no matter how you slice it.  But if you’re with the right person (or people), settling into your new home can be, and with this in mind, I had big plans.  My vision was of Tom and I sitting on the couch in our new apartment, wearing grubby clothes and surrounded my boxes, a lamp on the floor casting muted light as we opened one of the good bottles I’d been saving for a while and toasted this next step.  Well, I think I am pretty good at giving my visions life, but this time it didn’t really work out that way.  After three days of hauling boxes up staircases between alternating work schedules, our new apartment was a disaster and our old one needed cleaning.  Tom moved while I worked; I moved while Tom worked.  It was the Fourth of July before we could start unpacking.  It was a warm afternoon.  The ocean waves were crashing 100 yards away.  People were partying all around us.  It was Independence Day.  Good wine?  Yeah, right.  We needed beer.

I know this is a big variation for us here at In Vitis Veritas, but there comes a time in every man’s life when he has got to veer away from the expected, the envisioned, the presumed, the habitual, and take a new path.  Maybe it wasn’t the path you originally anticipated; maybe it’s the opposite.  Maybe it’s a far cry from your normal routine.  Let’s hope so.  In fact, make it so.  There is no use holding on to a vision of something that simply can’t be when you could embrace the beauty of what is. Throw your wine key to the side, leave those fancy wine glasses in the cabinet, and release your inner wild child, your cutoff jeans and classic rock, Independence Day beer-drinking fabulous self.

Pop a top and cheers.

  1. Here here, I am with you there.
    Moving is never a ton of fun and almost always never goes as planned but as you mentioned mix the right people in and it can be something less then ordinary!

    Cheers to the new paths and adventures ahead of us!!!!!

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