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A lifestyle blog by Allison Arbuthnot on The Whole 9

Allison was raised on the vine in Sonoma, California, and believes that life is too short to drink bad wine, count calories, or second-guess your destiny. She now lives in Los Angeles where she practices many things, the two most important being contentment and tricks for opening a wine bottle without a wine key.


There is something otherworldly about a well-scrubbed woman. Fresh out of the shower, with damp hair falling loosely on smooth, just-moisturized shoulders and cheeks rosy from hot water, she smells deliciously inhuman, like sliced Asian pear and tropical pineapple warm from the sun—depending on her shampoo, of course. When she enters a room, her perfume follows like an iridescent cape, billowing full of light and life, and her clean, unpainted face is the picture of unadulterated natural beauty. It is a simple enough thing, to be so clean, but it transforms her into something real, something sweet and pure, like honey or wildflowers or applesauce or—yes—chardonnay. Better yet, the Baileyana Cuvée du Clos Edna Valley Chardonnay 2009. Classic.

  1. I’ll have what she’s having…

  2. Sounds delicious! Can I have both, at the same time?…

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm nice!
    Very very sensual.
    Like a Gauguin

  4. How lovely! What an eloquent, creative writer you are, setting the whole scene! I’ll look out for that wine…

  5. A woman out of a bath is even cleaner. I’m dreaming of a big white porcelain bath that I saw in a movie with Juilianne Morre. It sat in the middle of the tiled room and had not feet, solid form. Assez grand pour deux, sans aucun doute.

  6. BTW, You are rocking sexy with your writing, I have to have a glass of wine with you. If our destinies allow.

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