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Arthur Kegerreis – aka Liberal Art, aka Himat Singh – is interested in way too many things, although curiosity has not killed this cat yet. In LA for 14 years now, he has lived in NYC; VT; Amherst, MA; Santa Fe; Madison, WI; and grew up on Long Island. Arthur has been a cabinetmaker, guitar maker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pilates instructor, graphic designer, composer, and playwright, though he now spends most of his time taking photos, writing songs, making video art, and building websites. Having fought his night-owlish tendencies all his life, he is fascinated by the creative process, so jump in and talk shop into the wee hours…or not.

Illuminated September Art Openings

Well, fall is upon us, and it seems everybody in town is scheduling their openings and exhibitions for the same times on opposite ends of LA. But there are some pretty interesting things coming up, so I thought I’d share some of them with you.

This weekend, perhaps to distract us from the anniversary of 9/11, Chinatown will be bustling. Among the events there, The Flock Shop is having their 3 year anniversary, and Micol Hebron and Ilene Segalove will be opening at Jancar Gallery. The Armory for the Arts in Pasadena will be opening a show of Steve Roden’s work. Roden is a talented sound artist who runs a great blog and is also included in the “Glow” event later this month in Santa Monica.

I’m eagerly awaiting the unveling of the Peace Project at Gallery 9 on the 25th, but a little frustrated to learn that a couple of my favorite light art events occur the same night on opposite sides of town. Illuminating LA will be the annual Glow event at the Santa Monica pier from 7PM until 3AM, and meanwhile, downtown at Pershing Square, Lilli Muller’s Autumn Lights festival will run from 7PM until 1AM. Both events have a plethora of innovative cutting edge light art – from illuminated static and interactive sculptures to more mundane, though genrally quite interesting, projected video art.

Here are some videos of last year’s Autumn Lights Festival:…

I’m just back from this month’s downtown art walk. I had pretty high hopes for tonight, since LACDA was showing a collection of works, but wasn’t too excited by anything. There were so many bands and DJs on the street that my friends and I were hoarse from shouting at each other within just two blocks of meeting each other. At one point, my friend remarked, “I really have a problem with these people who see it as their privilege to dump their noise on me.” I’m usually pretty open minded about experimental music and sound, but the volume of the bands on the street seemed more reminiscent of a war zone, and I felt assaulted more than entertained.

What I did enjoy was the “Temple of Visions” at 719 S. Spring Street. Amid murals of visionary psychedelic art, a nearly naked model was glaring at the onlookers as her body was painted by the DJ, leaving me to wonder why she was doing this if she didn’t want everybody staring at her. But the psychedelic art was pretty remarkable, and doesn’t leave you with a physical come-down afterwards. One of the more interesting collections of works are by the bathroom in the gallery; three dimensional holographic paintings of psychedlic mandalas and creatures that morph into different images as you move around them. Some of these are for sale as postcards too, but seemed less interesting. Apparently the holographer worked with several artists to assemble composite images for these works.

So if anybody wants to meet up and check out some of these events, let’s go!

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