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A creative blog by Arthur Kegerreis on The Whole 9

Arthur Kegerreis – aka Liberal Art, aka Himat Singh – is interested in way too many things, although curiosity has not killed this cat yet. In LA for 14 years now, he has lived in NYC; VT; Amherst, MA; Santa Fe; Madison, WI; and grew up on Long Island. Arthur has been a cabinetmaker, guitar maker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pilates instructor, graphic designer, composer, and playwright, though he now spends most of his time taking photos, writing songs, making video art, and building websites. Having fought his night-owlish tendencies all his life, he is fascinated by the creative process, so jump in and talk shop into the wee hours…or not.

Daily Archives: October 5, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh: Perpetuating Travesty in DC

In the mid-1970’s, C’s water broke. She wasn’t even in high school yet. Her parents, who had been in complete denial about her pregnancy – and the uncle raping her – rushed her into their car and the mother pressed her head below the windows so the neighbors wouldn’t see her as they rushed her [...]