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Arthur Kegerreis – aka Liberal Art, aka Himat Singh – is interested in way too many things, although curiosity has not killed this cat yet. In LA for 14 years now, he has lived in NYC; VT; Amherst, MA; Santa Fe; Madison, WI; and grew up on Long Island. Arthur has been a cabinetmaker, guitar maker, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pilates instructor, graphic designer, composer, and playwright, though he now spends most of his time taking photos, writing songs, making video art, and building websites. Having fought his night-owlish tendencies all his life, he is fascinated by the creative process, so jump in and talk shop into the wee hours…or not.

Brett Kavanaugh: Perpetuating Travesty in DC

In the mid-1970’s, C’s water broke. She wasn’t even in high school yet. Her parents, who had been in complete denial about her pregnancy – and the uncle raping her – rushed her into their car and the mother pressed her head below the windows so the neighbors wouldn’t see her as they rushed her to the hospital to give birth and put the baby up for adoption. Their denial had been so extreme that they had never considered abortion – incestual genetic risks aside, and they were pro-life anyway. But it simply wasn’t possible that she was pregnant, as far as they were concerned. The father was one the lead administration at UC Irvine – VP or President – and would go on to a better position at SUNY Stony Brook. They were irate at what she was doing to the family’s reputation.

The day before, she had told me her parents wanted her to return to Orange County where they would buy her a condo; I wondered if this would be an effort to coerce silence about her history.

As we lay in her apartment together after she shared the story, she immediately tried to change the subject like it hadn’t really mattered, as she continually did, but I wasn’t listening anymore, I was in shock, wondering how a family could treat somebody like that.

Well, the GOP is doing the exact same thing now. Statistically at least 17 of the 50 Kavanaugh yes voters will have at least one family member get raped; probably more, actually because the pro-lifers have bigger families. They will deny, and claim that somebody is trying to interfere with their reputation or political success. Then they will ignore and support the continued perpetration of the crimes because they don’t have the courage to face them. Their complicity will make them guilty-by-association for the rapes of their own family, but their denial will leave them dissociated and incapable of making choices for the good of their families, communities, towns, states, and country.

There will be others, of course, whose corrupt nature will swing the other way, like the ex-wife of the man I met a year ago, who falsely filed abuse charges against him in a custody battle, and “ruined his life.” This wouldn’t be possible however, if our culture didn’t have such widespread sexual assault and abuse, and institutionalized resistance to actually addressing the problems.

So take a look at the list of people voting yes for Kavanaugh after a sham FBI investigation. Whose family is going to suffer the effects of rape first?

Lamar Alexander Tenn. – Y
John Barrasso Wyo. – Y
Roy Blunt Mo. – Y
John Boozman Ark. – Y
Richard M. Burr N.C. – Y
Shelley Moore Capito W.Va. – Y
Bill Cassidy La. – Y
Susan Collins Me. – Y
Bob Corker Tenn. – Y
John Cornyn Tex. – Y
Tom Cotton Ark. – Y
Michael D. Crapo Idaho – Y
Ted Cruz Tex. – Y
Steve Daines Mont. – Y
Michael B. Enzi Wyo. – Y
Joni Ernst Iowa – Y
Deb Fischer Neb. – Y
Jeff Flake Ariz. – Y
Cory Gardner Colo. – Y
Lindsey Graham S.C. – Y
Charles E. Grassley Iowa – Y
Orrin G. Hatch Utah – Y
Dean Heller Nev. – Y
John Hoeven N.D. – Y
Cindy Hyde-Smith Miss. – Y
James M. Inhofe Okla. – Y
Johnny Isakson Ga. – Y
Ron Johnson Wis. – Y
John Kennedy La. – Y
Jon Kyl Ariz. – Y
James Lankford Okla. – Y
Mike Lee Utah – Y
Mitch McConnell Ky. – Y
Jerry Moran Kan. – Y
Rand Paul Ky. – Y
David Perdue Ga. – Y
Rob Portman Ohio – Y
Jim Risch Idaho – Y
Pat Roberts Kan. – Y
Michael Rounds S.D. – Y
Marco Rubio Fla. – Y
Ben Sasse Neb. – Y
Tim Scott S.C. – Y
Richard C. Shelby Ala. – Y
Dan Sullivan Alaska – Y
John Thune S.D. – Y
Thom Tillis N.C. – Y
Patrick J. Toomey Pa. – Y
Roger Wicker Miss. – Y
Todd Young Ind. – Y

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