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Heidi Huber started her career with the sink or swim theory. Luckily she knows the freestyle which has taken her from the Chicago stage to behind the scenes in Los Angeles where she currently continues to tap as The Whole 9’s Chief of Everything Else.

What the craziest Small World story you’ve got?

I continually say, “The world gets smaller and smaller.”  Once you’ve lived awhile, once you’ve lived and worked in a number of places, all of a sudden it’s like, “No way!  I went to school with Jen Ray!”  Crazy…

What the craziest Small World story you’ve got?

  1. - i was sitting in first class next to james brown on a fly to toronto; nice man, i but couldn’t understand a word he said.
    p.s. he was a short person, does it count as a “small world” story?

  2. I once went on the “SMALL WORLD” ride at Disneyland 5 times in a row.
    Long story short, I was suffering from a back injury at the time and had been prescribed the muscle relaxant Flexeril.
    Let’s just say that Flexeril’s effect on me was KRA-ZEE, to say the least.
    Add in riding in that little boat and watching/hearing all those characters sing that song, well, I just couldn’t get enough and couldn’t stop laughing.
    Yes. It’s a SMALL WORLD after all….

  3. that my wife and i spent a portion of our honeymoon in a remote and obscure resort of southern bali that a friend did.

  4. I

  5. When I first moved to LA, I got an apartment in Santa Monica and became friends with my ‘next door’ neighbor just down the hall. Turns out he had just broken up with a girl in San Francisco who had been MY girlfriend for about a year when I was in college in Ohio! How bizarre and coincidental is that?! This stuff happens all the time: I met a couple in Morocco who used to live in Santa Cruz in a house they rented from my sister when she was into real estate up there! And here in LA I regularly run into people I know, or who are in relationships with people I know, in random places out of the blue- a coffee shop, a concert, Griffith Observatory, you name it- I mean this is a city of 20 million people, what are the chances?

  6. When I was in college I worked in the housing office. It turned out that my coworker and I not only had the same birthday but knew all the same people at different times in life because I had lived in Texas, moved here in High School and went to High School with all the kids she went to Junior High School with. She didn’t get to go to High School with them because she moved; that’s right TO Texas and of we both wound up at the same University doing the same job. It is a very small world indeed.

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