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Heidi Huber started her career with the sink or swim theory. Luckily she knows the freestyle which has taken her from the Chicago stage to behind the scenes in Los Angeles where she currently continues to tap as The Whole 9’s Chief of Everything Else.

How much cash do you typically carry?

With as many purchases that can be made with an debit card, one hardly ever needs cash. Unless they go to a cash only establishment. They usually have an ATM machine onsite for your convenience!

I rarely have cash on me but that’s pretty much all my husband’s transactions involve.

How much cash do you typically carry at any given time?

  1. caaaASh?

  2. very little!!!!! that debt card get used a lot though

  3. crinkle, not jingle.

  4. I carry a coin purse that I use to help give exact change during cash transactions, it helps extend my stay at the checkout and lighten the load simultaneously~

  5. - nada

  6. Little as possible. Ask me about love, not money.

  7. I saw the caaaASH guy today on my way to the Grand Casino for lunch today. I didn’t want to upset him by handing him any change from my coin purse…after all his sign said FOOD and I was on my way to get some of my own~ Maybe next time caaaASH guy~

  8. a ten to keep it zen

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