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A creative blog by Heidi Huber on The Whole 9

Heidi Huber started her career with the sink or swim theory. Luckily she knows the freestyle which has taken her from the Chicago stage to behind the scenes in Los Angeles where she currently continues to tap as The Whole 9’s Chief of Everything Else.

Do you believe we create our destiny?

I am part believer in fate, part believer in creating your own destiny, part believer in the Universe having a plan for each of us.

Do you believe we create our destiny?

  1. - more like it: destiny creates you

  2. I don’t really believe in “destiny” as more than a rhetorical device. Who we are and what we become is the result of many influences, from genetics to social culture to economics to chance circumstance. I don’t think these factors can be ignored in answering a question like this.

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