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A creative blog by Heidi Huber on The Whole 9

Heidi Huber started her career with the sink or swim theory. Luckily she knows the freestyle which has taken her from the Chicago stage to behind the scenes in Los Angeles where she currently continues to tap as The Whole 9’s Chief of Everything Else.

What type of photography moves you?

Tomorrow night, Saturday, October 24th, The Whole 9 Gallery opens Black & White & In Color, featuring photography from Bob Francis and Charles Hopkins.  These two have have paved some major asphalt in advertising, so this exhibit should really get your attention and pull you in.

Be it abstract landscapes or extreme close up’s, what photography moves you?

  1. It depends on what my soul transcends at the moment I see it! From macro photography of insects through my microscopes in fluorescence, to my still shots at the beach~~~ honestly all photography has the ability to move me!

  2. ha! finally a cool question

    – the subjective and conceptual ones. let your imagination guide you and not your pocket. i like to feel a duende when a look at a photograph. always avoiding the freaking average – boring – generic – commercial narcissistic selfie bitch photographer.

  3. To al3x — And finally, a thoughtful answer!

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