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Heidi Huber started her career with the sink or swim theory. Luckily she knows the freestyle which has taken her from the Chicago stage to behind the scenes in Los Angeles where she currently continues to tap as The Whole 9’s Chief of Everything Else.

How long will it be before there is gun control?

I came across this quote online and definitely agree: I remember in the 80’s when a new study would surface, proving cigarettes and 2nd hand smoke was deadly.  No matter how irrefutable the evidence was, the tobacco companies denied it and blamed it on other things.  They said “LOOK AWAY, Its NOT the cigarettes, its radon, its cars, and other pollutants in the air”.  The gun lobby is doing the same thing but blaming mental illness or video games when its clearly the guns. Gun deaths in the US dwarf every other developed country.

How many more lives will be lost before we see some gun control?

  1. - never! let them all kill each other.

  2. Not until it is painted out of society, and with that one can still see the colors of the hunt. At this point to me, guns and gun control is a way to allow humanity to pass off the real problem of hatred, and why people are willing to hate and not love?

  3. i agree with the conservatives and republicans and nra followers! we need to adhere to our founding fathers’ wisdom exactly how they intended. when they specified firearms, the only example they had were muskets that were loaded from the barrel and shot a lead ball. that’s EXACTLY what we should be allowed to have. and to those of you with a hankering to go out and shoot up a crowded theatre…happy hunting with that musket.

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