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A creative blog by Lisa Schultz on The Whole 9

Lisa Schultz has spent a lifetime observing the human parade. Now at the helm of The Whole 9 and The Peace Project, she reports in on her findings and asks that you join in.

This revolution will not be televised.

As I look around the world in which we live and see death, destruction, violence and hatred, I wonder how humanity has gotten so divided — people are derided, misunderstood, and complaints and insults are hurled at strangers like stones while those throwing them pat themselves on the back for a job well done — proud of their accomplishments…of their accomplishments…of their accomplishments of what???

Complaints are a cheap and easy substitute for doing something — kind of like junk food. It’s a sickening diet that so many feast on feverishly as they pursue absolution of blame because what’s happening has gotta be someone else’s problem, right? That guy over there? The one holding the sign saying “Black Lives Matter.” Or maybe the police — hey — they signed up to protect and to serve, right? Or maybe it’s the fat bureaucrat that took away your rights while you were paying attention to football, or fuseball, or your PSP — while you tuned out, turned off and turned away, somehow the responsibility and the blame became someone else’s, cause in America, we have a lot of people that are masters of doing nothing. Of doing nothing except transferring the blame.

Transferring the blame.

While Nepal crumbles and Baltimore rumbles, so many grumble while others send love and light and prayers.  Prayers…come on…let’s be honest — in fact, let’s have a show of hands. How many of you prayed anyway? That love and light. Did you write it and forget? Those prayers… Did you take the time to understand what’s really happening and get down on your knees and pray those prayers. Did you get up and resolve to do something? Or did you just write it ’cause it sounds good and it satisfied some self-serving requirement that we’ve set up internally that allows us to think we’ve done our part while getting a few likes on Facebook.

Did you actually do anything? Anything?

‘Cause I can tell you this…those people in Nepal, they don’t need your love and light. They need your help and that takes effort and it costs money. Those folks in Baltimore? This country is fucking hurting. Yes. Pain. It’s what gets a lot of people up in the morning and what they feel when they go to bed at night. It’s what happens when money becomes the God that drives us to incarcerate our youth instead of educating them. It’s what happens when we no longer see kids as kids but as criminals that should be sent away and locked up before they’ve even learned that violence is not the only way to communicate. That kid is my kid and I love him. I love him. And I’ll fight for him — every single day.

Will you?

It takes a village. I’m part of that village. Are you? It’s time to shut up and stop the prayers, pull up those bootstraps and get to work. We need to take out our wallets and show that a better world is more important to us than a damn Starbucks double shot Macchiato with room at the top for cream.

That love and light? It’s a spark that starts in your heart. If you fan it with action, it becomes a flame that will light you up, turn you inside out and change you…and then miraculously it will change the world.

But nothing will happen until you do something…until you do something.

So do something. Anything. Do anything. Just do it now.

Cartoon by Keith Knight who uses humor and wit to peel back the layers and create the spark.

  1. A solid wake up call and call to action with a stellar illustration to background it all.

  2. YES!! I love your spirit and your fight and your commitment to the truth.

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