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Lisa Schultz has spent a lifetime observing the human parade. Now at the helm of The Whole 9 and The Peace Project, she reports in on her findings and asks that you join in.

The Bernie Sanders Walkout: Why Everyone Should Applaud

Yesterday after Bernie Sanders nominated Hillary Clinton, hundreds of his delegates simultaneously walked out of Wells Fargo Arena and into the press tent. Fed up with the continual double standard that enables Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and many of those in power in the United States to behave carelessly, irresponsibly, unethically and in some cases, illegally, a somewhat spontaneous protest was organized to protest the main stream media’s cover-up of these transgressions and the silencing of the voices of those interested in shifting the status quo towards true democracy and equality for all.  Read more about this at…

At a moment which should have one of triumph for Hillary Clinton, it became clear that there is a huge faction which will remain united not behind her, but against the corrupt system which she perpetuates and represents.

Yesterday, Keith Knight, one of the most prominent African American cartoonists in the U.S. and someone who has ripped back the veil on brutality against black men with his police brutality series, stopped by The Whole 9 Gallery. During the course of our conversation he asked “What do you think about what’s happening?” To which I replied “I see a big connection between the white privilege that enables transgressions like Hillary Clinton’s email server and the DNC’s bias and campaign rigging and the white privilege that enables white cops to murder black men in some of the most heinous ways and then walk away without punishment. Until the rules are the rules, nothing is going to change.”

But something is changing — Senator Bernie Sanders has awakened a sleeping giant called the active conscience of the American people and now the genie refuses to go quietly back into the bottle. Activists and those who are passionately concerned about the future of our country have streamed into Philadelphia, the birthplace of our democracy, and staged protests against the corruption of the system, against inequality and against horrible policies including the TPP.

Because these people have invested their precious time and their hard-earned money, yesterday Nancy Pelosi announced emphatically that the Democratic ticket will oppose the disastrous TPP which would enable the continual outsourcing of jobs that Americans actually want (the erosion of jobs like these have caused the erosion of America’s middle-class). Read more at…/nancy-…

Just weeks ago, the Democratic Platform Committee voted to support the TPP, despite Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises that she would oppose it.  Coincidentally, all of Bernie Sanders’ appointees to the committee voted against the TPP while all of Hillary Clinton’s appointees voted for it.

Other policies that have been adopted by the Hillary Clinton campaign because Bernie Sanders and those involved in the movement have refused to give up include a plan for free/low cost college tuition for families making less than $125,000, raising the minimum wage, and improving healthcare for seniors, etc.

I, along with many others, have been targeted and continually criticized for continuing to protest against the corruption, to call for accountability, and to demand better policies. I’d like those who are slinging insults because all of us won’t simply “fall in line” to take a hard look at what is really being accomplished by those willing to put in the work. It’s hard to dispute that real change is happening not because of Hillary Clinton, but in spite of Hillary Clinton — change that will help to create an United States that can be truly united in equality, and liberty and justice for all. If we keep pushing and the Clinton campaign and those surrounding it adopt (and keep emphatically stating support of) policies that matter to all of us — policies that protect equal rights, women’s rights, that protect our health and the earth, and that lift everyone, those policies will be put in place. And then the unity will happen — not around a person, but around the vision that we share of a fair and just country that provides opportunities for everyone.

I am so proud of the commitment I see from those around me who keep raising their voices and spending their time and money to ensure this happens.

Rise up <3

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