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10 days left to submit your vision of Peace!

September 4th is the last day to submit your vision of Peace to The Peace Project!  Don’t be shut out, Creatives!  Whether you’re a painter, photographer, illustrator or graphic designer — do your part and join us on the path to Peace!

The exhibit will be unveiled mid-October at Gallery 9 in Los Angeles and will subsequently travel to San Francisco and New York in conjunction with a simultaneous online exhibition.

The Whole 9 and The Peace would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support and donations this week:

Lily Nava
Urban Rockwell Arts Collection
Lacey Brown
Paula Olivier
Melissa Regas
Kathleen O’Connell
Debra Robertson
Janis Marashlian
Maria Marichal
Shannon McGough
Tim Sabatino
Sona Mirzaei
Francisco Little
Elizabeth Uhler
Bonnie Sue Schwartz
Joshua Bernstein
Marcel Midlin
Christine Ashton
Robert Gonzalez
Judy Waddick
Bijan Masoumpanah
Taylor Schwartz
The Many Faces of Arizona
Michele Caruso
Saul Goldberg
Kimleigh Smith
Mary Saurman
Johnna & Travis Dobbs
Christine Owner
Susan Johnson
Margot Broom
Olha Borynets

The end of Summer is Sweet!

Tomorrow, August 20th, Viva La Art will partner with The Peace Project to host ‘Sweet Summer Night’ — an evening of wine, live art, music, and a build-your-own dessert tasting!  Held at SoCo Collection in Coast Mesa, Orange County residents and beyond will come out to support The Peace Project’s Operation Rise.  For more information please visit:

The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their support and donations this week:

Johne Dobbs
John McGeehan
Lily Nava
Pierre-Paul Pariseau
Heather Palleiko
Angela Brooks
Margie Labadie
Laurie Freitag
Donna L. McKay
Eliza Wyatt
Marcel Midlin & Liz Beckmam
Dan Wills
Shawn Deitelbaum
Daniel Klugman
Michael Zack
Larke Paul
Anthony Berta
Joann Cella
Lavonia Martin
Anna Schnurr
Fred Knobloch
Robert Jacobs
Michelle Ferrera
Kelly Hadden
Janis Fisher
Sandra Cooper
Athalyn Rose
Jeff Berman
Bernadett Ortega
Victoria Moss
Victor Langford
Christina Doria

What’s your vision of Peace?

The Peace Project announces its 2011 International Call for Artists — artists from around the world, working in diverse mediums, are invited to submit their creative interpretations of peace to this juried competition (cash prizes awarded to top entries).

The collective vision will be unveiled mid-October for The Peace Project’s 2nd Annual Peace Exhibit at Gallery 9 in Los Angeles before traveling to San Francisco, New York & London.

For here for more information and to submit.

The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their support and donations this week:

Jason Haase

Jeff November

Carrie Ortman

Romina Olson

Natasha Barrault

John S Douglas

Alatorre Transactions

Marie Hamm

Patrice Heimlich

Orly Snir

Cecil Williams

Risa Ashment

Skot Jonz

Matthew Wuff

Timothy Mitoma

Charlene Maguire

Molly Susman

Brendie Keane

Patricia Clarkin

Clare O’Neill

Lisa Gonsier

Marcos Calamato

Dan Wills

Paul Stoeke

Chrystal Walker

Jessica Sabogal

Eva Lewarne

Jill Slaymaker

Morton Rabkin

Barbara Schneider

Diane Connaughton

Al Walz

Matthew Harang

Parag Shah

Scott Sampaio

Morton Rabkin

Sheila Fein

Elena Malec

David Acuna

Ronald J. Friedman

Dr. Robert J. Cooper

Linda M. Shaw

Sandra Zebi

Ronald VanderLinden

Kaiser Kamal

Gaila Clemens

So many Thanks, so little Time

There are many people and organizations to thank from last week’s Peace Jam!  It was a lovely event and we thank everyone’s generosity.  This week, the next Call for Artists for The Peace Project was launched, and there are many artists to thank!  Good problem to have.

The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their support and donations this week:



Downtown Jazz Project

Charlene Maguire

Alex Kube

Tiffany Davis – Rustam

Chrystal Walker

Gwen Sessions

Steven Lopez

Corey Mason & Debra Sue Kelvin

Steve Connell & Sekou

Ray Rodriguez

Jill Sellars

Viva la Art!

John Laughlin

Lisa Grass

Laura Eppler

Michael Balonek

Cecelia Casey

Faux Fur

Amber Morgan

Dave Scharf

Erica Bergner

Farrah Mirzaee

Twylla Lannes

Lisa Berry

Heartbeat House

Teressa Canosa

Bazinet Bruno

Susanna Feder

Cassandra Lawrence

Sean MacCormac

Myda Cooper

John Laughlin

Kellie Johnson & Bryan Poon

Janet Wallace

Larke Paul

Tom Curtis

Thomas Vincent

Kimberly Long

Richard & Brenda Rubins

Arthur Schwartz

Ruth Kamen

Faux Fun

Cynthia & Craig Schultz

New Image Cleaners

Bettye Bryant

Dr. Sheldon Springer

Laurence Cohen

Daniel Cavanaugh

Rene A. Gonzalez & Magdalena Montellano

Integrative Music Therapy Services

Claudia Schwartz

Victoria Collins

Dominic Hoffman

Cyril O’Reilly

John S Douglas

Cecelia Casey

Michelle Pelkey

Judith Heim

Carol Finley

Alexander Peuchot

Rebecca Both

Heidi Mages

John Clayton

Daniel Lucas

Lisa Rassmussen

Michele D’Acosta

Robert Hyatt

Robert Gonzalez

Raymond Hennessy

Carly Swenson

Shayne Chester


Laurie Marshall / Unity through Creativity

Sandra Cooper

Jason Hampleman

Rain Eventoff

Marilyn Saidman

Cindye Friedman

Charles Hopkins

Laurice Trice

Mario Olvera

Bon Voyage!

This week, in the UK, the good people at Trulife strategically packed another container of crutches and one last shipment of equipment arrived in the nick of time to also include on the container!  Can I get a Hell Yeah?!!

Additionally, The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their support and donations this week:

Tim Sabatino

Romulo Rivera

Cheryl White

Katharine Gange

Roger Zimmerman

Kevin Killen

David Cox

Marcel Midlin & Liz Beckmam

Cindye Friedman

Fraiche Restaurant in Culver City

Tracy Kennedy Flynn

Cheryl Welch

Dean Mermell

Paul Szpakowsk

Debra Sue Kelvin

Elisa Blynn

Leticia Stiles

Michael Datcher

KPFK Radio, Los Angeles

Dominique Bischoff-Brown

Jill Youse

Danielle Miller

Tom Curtis

One Container Shipped, One to Go!

On Wednesday, all hands were on deck figuring out the puzzle of getting every piece of equipment onto the container for Sierra Leone.  I would call these guys from Invacare, Master Packers!  Check out the photo and in the meantime, The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their donations this week:

Marie Hamm

Robbie Gordon

dtox spa, Los Angeles

Taste Restaurant, Los Angeles

Junker Designs, Los Angeles

Powerhouse Bar, Los Angeles

The Wellness Spa, Culver City


Well, there we have it. Congratulations! This is very exciting to see this happeneing.

Let the packing begin!

The two photos below showcase pallets full of crutches.  These were taken in the Invacare warehouse and as you can see, they are getting everything organized to ship to Sierra Leone!  Woohoo — let’s keep this Peace Train rollin’, People!

The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their donations:

Lynn Bacigalupo

Sean Mahon

Angie Brooks

Omid Ebizadeh at Digicell

Aaron Price

Christopher Hilliard

Gaston Locklear

Sandra Cooper


Wonderful to see the peace mojo on it’s way!

Whooohooo! It’s really happening.

Thank you from The Peace Project!

We’d like to begin sharing weekly Peace Project updates and thank some people who have supported us!

Yesterday, Invacare picked up five pallets of crutches and other mobility devices from the AYFA Foundation — all of it donated!  Thank you to all the good people at Invacare and AFYA for making that happen!

The Peace Project would like to thank the following people and organizations for their donations:

Content that Counts

Al Walz

Stephanie Carbone

Space Mermaid

Jeff November

Manfred Pollard

Paula Stoeke

Fred Feldmesser at Parker-Feldmesser

Melvin & Fran Sobel

Cecelia Casey

Gwendolyn Sessions

John S. Douglas

Jack Sutter

Lavonia Martin

Dave Zuern


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Get Hung Tomorrow!

We’re having our next Get Hung! class tomorrow.  In this class, The Whole 9 and Gallery 9’s Chief of Everything, Lisa Schultz, and the Director of Career Services at Laguna College of Art and Design will walk you through everything from packaging and marketing yourself, to how to approach galleries, etc.  You’ll also be given resume, biography, and artist statement samples.

We still have a few spots left, so please join us and rev up your art career!  Click here to see what others have to say and sign up now!


This was a very valuable and worthwhile class. I really appreciate the time that was taken to share perspective, advice and encouragement that we artist need so much. I also appreciate that the class went over an hour….added bonus by far! I hope you have more classes like this…I encourage all artists to take advantage of this class in the future. I was already on the mark with some things and was clueless about other factors. Now I feel more ready to take on the art world! Thanks so much for this class!


featured artist, Michael Christy

The Whole 9 represented this past Saturday.  Artists from TW9 included Bob Kent, Phil Santos,     CK Walker and Brian NiemanCannibalflower founder and driving force, LC remarked, ” “I thought it was a great show, the space was amazing. It was really warm.”

really  ”warm” if you’re breaking

LC also commented about the number of people in attendance saying, ” Sometimes is a little sad that more people don’t show up. It’s like an amazing sand castle – it’s here today, and gone tomorrow. And when you miss these shows, you really miss these shows, because each show is it’s own unique experience. And it’s inexpensive.”

W9 and CF artist, Phil Santos, with one of his trademark ’signs’

W9 & CF artist, Bob Kent

Crystal Walker with her artwork
The next Cannibalflower show is May 29


While I’ve seen larger crowds at some CF shows, there were still quite a few peeps there (even with the rain). I also noticed a number of pieces ( usually the smaller ones) sold. It’s a great venue to get work out there. LC ROCKS!
(he was playing great beats all night long too, go Mr. Numberwonderful)

Way cool! I want to get to the next CF show…would love to have some work in it too :)

Thanks for posting the pics, Brian — it was a great event, and I had a lot of fun there!

Hey Brian! Yes, agreed. I definitely think CF is a great show for the emerging artist. Buyers go there and it’s well known throughout the LA art world. And I, also think LC is an amazing host, curator, and DJ. I met some highly talented artists there (Monty Montgomery and Nate Seubert were a few favs) and had a great time hanging with the Whole 9 crew. Thanks for the support and see you soon!