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My Personal Minions of Promotion

by Cameron McIntyre, member

The Whole 9  Creative Photography Circle

As I stare at my stack of 250 freshly printed promo cards, stuff each card into its thin clear plastic envelope, print up sheets of mailing labels and carefully (and skillfully, may I add) apply the labels to the thin clear plastic envelope, I wonder about the future of these little cards. They are my personal little minions of promotion, sent off into the dark void of the U.S. Postal Service with one task – to get looked at.  As they travel north, south, east and west, I know each card will try his hardest to shuffle his way to the top of the designated recipient’s “in” box or fall under the eyes of the right art buyer or photo editor.

Truthfully, my job of taking the photographs is much easier than their job. I am guided by experience and education, but my minions come fresh out of the printer’s box with no experience or training.  Previous minions have succeeded, a good number have failed, but unfortunately neither are around to provide words of wisdom to the new guys.  My newbie promo cards have a steep learning curve ahead of them and, in all honesty, a short life span. Many will fall victim to the vicious trash bin, some may have it a little better by ending up in the promo card collection box, but only a tiny few will accomplish their goal and be noticed!  Those who succeed may be turned over again and again, talked about, passed around from person to person, and maybe even find a forever home on a cubical or office wall.

Art buyers, photo editors: When a minion arrives at your desk, don’t just cast him out.  He has worked hard to get where he is.  He is not asking for much and he knows his chances are slim.  Please show him a little love and make him feel his efforts were appreciated.  And when you do find a little guy whom you really like, show your love by sticking him with a push pin and fastening him to your office wall.  Sure, it hurts at first, but for them it’s a medal of honor.

CAMERON McINTYRE is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in industrial, technology, architecture and commercial photography. When Cameron is not photographing machinery, micro chips, or a building, he can be found photographing the ocean, the mountains, the desert, and the quite empty spaces that fill the mind.

  1. Hey that card looks great on that cubicle wall, thanks Mike!

  2. And just think: That card will be there forever!

  3. Did a 1000 new business cards recently. Seems to be the minimum. I designed, gave the printer files and he matt printed on 18 pt. stock for $75. I’ll die before a third of them are actually handed out. In fact, I still have many hundreds of previous business cards going back a decade or 2. Promo Cards are different though- You can send them through the mail and If they’re cool enough, people will keep and sometimes even display them. Hope you get some work out of it!

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