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A creative blog by Tracy Larrua on The Whole 9

Tracy (or Trace, as friends call her) Larrua lives and works between Hawaii and L.A. A seasoned pr/marcom specialist who has worked primarily in the hospitality and entertainment industries, she enjoys teaching her “Get The Word Out” pr workshops and volunteering her time with non-profits. When not glued to her sassy MacBook, you can find her relaxing at the beach, enjoying live theatre, or at a BBQ with friends.

“Because Sharing IS Caring”

So, it has been one of my life goals to teach and share the inside-inside tips of the making of a good pr professional, what it takes, what the skill set needs are, and all of that good stuff, because believe it or, it is an art form.  And not just anyone can do it.  Well, let me re-phrase that.  Many people can do it, but the ones that excel in the field are the ones who have an eye for detail, a sense of humor, some mad talent, and a passion to communicate.

Some call me a publicist, promoter, event planner, marketer, but in the end-  I’m just a girl in the world (taken from favorite Gwen Stefani lyric) who wants to help others to get their message across.  Call me crazy, but coming from an island state like Hawai’i, it is just sorta in my DNA to want to give some Aloha.  Aside from that fact, I come from a loving family with two parents who will, and have given the shirt and mu’u mu’u off their backs to help others.  No matter how hard I try, I’m just a girl who can’t say no (ok, another lyric taken from the musical, Oklahoma).

There are many marketers out there who don’t share the “knowledge” for fear that some new young buck will soon take their job.  Not share?  What?!!  I spit on you!! (that line said in cheesy French accent i.e. Inspector Clouseau).  I mean, seriously.  In my head, I’m saying, “Please some new young buck!!  Please learn this craft so that you can take over, make it better, and let me retire and go on to the next chapter of my life!”  With that, I have always been one to mentor, share, teach, even when I wasn’t aware that I was actually doing that.  First, I must warn you before I go on.  I’ve had many students and any one of them including Elijah, Joy, Gabe, Mimi, or Sarah will tell you that if you aren’t serious about really learning while in the “School of Poi,” then you need to run.

My approach is informal, yet formal.  Casual, yet corporate.  Serious and yet, serious fun (well, at least I’ve been told).  I’m not the kind of teacher or mentor that will have you run Xerox copies all day or file papers when in the learning mode.  I’m the kind of coach that will actually empower you to DO IT.  Yes, that means that you will run the event, you will handle the VIP list, you will take first stab at crafting the press release, and you will enjoy a nice glass of J Rosé bubbly at the end of the night to celebrate your success.  Those are some of the highlights.  Some of the other things students will experience while working with me also include stressful moments such as your celebrity guest(s) not showing up, dealing with sometimes fussy chefs, gate crashers to your private party, or trying not to kill your own sometimes clueless colleagues, whom you’re promoting, who are looking at you going, “What event is happening today?  Huh?  What are we doing?”  Arrrgggh.

I can go on and on, but instead of doing this here, why not join me at “Get The Word Out,” the pr workshop at The Whole 9.  The first workshop is on Saturday, March 21st with a second one on Saturday, May 9th.  Why?  Well, why not!  In these times, more and more folks are in the mindset of DIY PR (do-it-yourself PR) and needing to better grasp how to market their wares, especially because they are not in the position to hire a big firm.  So, bring your laptop or notebook and get ready to riiiide (aka wriiiiite).  I’ll be sharing…. four… straight… hours… worth… of learning the basics.  It’s probably a good idea to bring a snack too (I prefer wheat/free-gluten/free rice crackers…  just saying).

And like Steve McGarrett said with a steely eye from the TV series Hawai’i 5-0:


  1. great blog. and it IS about paying attention to detail. and i sure did love that you mention being from an island, then quote from a musical named after our country’s most land-locked state.

  2. I wish ! Good -luck…from the Canadian girl that lights up your life.

  3. I SO wish I could be there to attend this workshop. Could you send me a transcript? ;)

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