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A creative blog by Tracy Larrua on The Whole 9

Tracy (or Trace, as friends call her) Larrua lives and works between Hawaii and L.A. A seasoned pr/marcom specialist who has worked primarily in the hospitality and entertainment industries, she enjoys teaching her “Get The Word Out” pr workshops and volunteering her time with non-profits. When not glued to her sassy MacBook, you can find her relaxing at the beach, enjoying live theatre, or at a BBQ with friends.

“You Are What You Eat”

And, by that I mean… if you only study traditional p.r., then that is the only discipline you will know. If you only study advertising, then that is the only discipline you will know. This is fresh on my mind because I just taught my first of many pr/marcom (marketing communications) workshops via The Whole 9. I’ve conducted PR 101 classes before for companies I have worked with, but never for the general public. I found it to be fun, interesting, but more so- that I was so passionate in wanting to help others, and had so much information that I wanted to share. Who knew that four hours was barely enough time?

Going back to my original thought above: Times are a changing people. That means that you have to change with it, or get stuck way in back of the line. I know, I know. Many of you will be fighting change and will be going down kicking and screaming, but if you are open to change, you will be surprised as to just how much more marketing you can do for your business, for yourself, etc. For some folks that I know who have only spent their careers building it in PR, they are now finding themselves being laid off, or worse, out of work. How could this happen? Well, easy. They were so busy doing what they were doing that they didn’t stop to look to diversify… themselves.

How to diversity in times like today? Well, its a good idea to take a class in another related marketing disciplines such as promotion, publicity, advertising, on-line marketing, etc. For example, take up photography so that you can shoot your own images if you are a jewelry designer, or read-up on new advertising trends so that you can better understand media buying in the case you wish to expand and run an ad on your upcoming art show. Start taking the time to stop by the book store and make note of all the publications you wish your business was featured in, and begin the task of building your own personal media list. The point is to not get so set in your ways of how you market yourself, and to be open to other ways of getting the word out- getting YOUR word out.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more, please sign up for the next “The PRsenal, Get The Word Out” on May 9th at The Whole 9 Gallery. It covers the basics and can get you to a better understanding of how to look at marketing yourself, your art, your business in a way that you never thought before. I look forward to seeing you soon!

  1. great blog. and the times are a changing, and in fact, they have done changed. with lots of folks working fewer hours due to lay-offs and company cuts, there is much extra time to indeed learn something new.

  2. Hernando Conwi

    I really enjoy your blog. You always seem to inspire…I echo your thoughts on diversification. It not only expands your ability to do more, more importantly it enriches your creativity in your own chosen field. David Kelley (Ideo) started Stanford’s d.School not too long ago and he welcomes non-designers because he knows that infusion of perspectives and expertise will enrich the program, and because he hopes that the design process can be applied towards other disciplines to create out-of-the-box solutions in those areas. It’s no coincidence that the greatest problem solvers are also among the best read and most innately curious people…Great blog.

  3. hey “poorgood” and “gottanikoncamera”: mahalo for your feedback. the subject of diversification is on my mind first and foremost because THAT is how i have been able to sustain myself. i started in advertising back in the 80’s and many of the things that i learned then, apply to my pr and marcom world. you kow, all those weekend working for free with the camera crew, or helping with casting talent, or doing V/O work- it has all come in handy because i have worked in it, and behind the scenes, and know how it can be blended into what i do in the now. i truly believe in not being so stuck in any one thing, because that one thing, may go away one day real soon. beyond all of this, i also believe that if you do what you love and what you are truly, truly passionate about, the money will come. i am hearing from colleagues all over the place who are just now taking a hard look at their career and life only after being faced with news of either a lay off or a down-sizing. i say now is the time to man-up and be brave!! rather than be one of those in the crowd who is complaining about the economy, i say do the opposite. praise how bountiful and good life, work, and love is and it will be!!!

  4. Loved the workshop, but you are right: 4 hours was not enough time. Thank you. I look forward to a follow up class if you have one in the works.

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