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A creative blog by Tracy Larrua on The Whole 9

Tracy (or Trace, as friends call her) Larrua lives and works between Hawaii and L.A. A seasoned pr/marcom specialist who has worked primarily in the hospitality and entertainment industries, she enjoys teaching her “Get The Word Out” pr workshops and volunteering her time with non-profits. When not glued to her sassy MacBook, you can find her relaxing at the beach, enjoying live theatre, or at a BBQ with friends.

Monthly Archives: March 2010

PR Pet Peeves

First, let me start out that I held back for awhile from even penning this. But it happens too often in the realm of communications so I thought I’d bring the subject up. What am I yakking about? What can easily get my marketing blood boiling? Well, its my PR pet peeves. But hey? I thought if I shared a few of them with you all, that maybe other folks out there could relate (because you know- in the public relations industry, you relate with the public) and might have some pr pet peeves of their own that they would like to voice. So, I say we bring it out in the open. Maybe something good will come out of this.