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A creative blog on The Whole 9 by Nora Martin-Hall

Nora Martin-Hall is a California born artist, internet geek, and recently retired tattoo artist currently residing in the San Fernando Valley. With acrylics and Prisma color pencils as her weapons of choice, she can be found making a mess anywhere between Los Angles and Las Vegas.

The Billboard Art Project

The Billboard Art Project is a non-profit organization which turns the road into an art gallery, exchanging advertisements for art by acquiring a digital billboard, and broadcasting nothing but art on it for 24 hours.

“…When you see a billboard that isn’t telling you what to buy or who to trust, it carries the impact of the unexpected.”

With future exhibitions scheduled in Duluth, Chicago, Reading, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and San Bernardino, the Billboard Art Project is (thankfully) here to stay.

AND they’re accepting submissions for upcoming shows:

“This is not a cloistered project where only a chosen few can participate. The Billboard Art Project is an open call to anyone who wants to participate in that fundamental process of self expression.”

Interested in having your art blasted on a billboard?

For more information on how to get involved, visit

“The Billboard Art Project is your neighbor. It’s that nine to five manager who sketches behind the checkout counter in her spare time. Maybe it’s an acclaimed artist who simply wants to give something to the masses. Or perhaps it is a child struggling with cancer who has a white sheet of paper, a box crayons, and a world of time and pain. It could be someone on the other side of the continent or perhaps even the globe.

The Billboard Art Project is you.”

  1. Sounds great!
    Good luck with your project

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  3. What an awesome project!

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